Poem: Patreon



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I wrote this in celebration of joining Patreon.

Think of it what you will.


All that glitters is not gold

If you will allow me to be so bold

A dollar is simply a sign of faith

But I am no penny-pinching wraith

For cash is naught but coins and slips

Not meant for buying toys or trips

Instead you should buy what cannot be bought

And seek out what cannot be sought

For a buck will buy you naught but woe

Unless you rid yourself of your greedy foe

So truly come and truly see

What all of this means to me

Your donation is a drop of light

Giving me the strength to continue my fight

So that a better world I can create

All I ask is that you patiently wait

I promise I will not waste this gift of coin

And I hope that on this journey you’ll join

For together I believe we’ll do wondrous things

And together I believe we’ll be literature’s kings!

Thank you for listening.

If you want to make my dreams come true (and why wouldn’t you 😉 ), you can become my patron at https://www.patreon.com/haydenpearton

I’m on Patreon!!!



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That’s right, I have finally joined the Patreon ranks!

For those of you who might not know, Patreon is a website in which you can become my patron, pledging a fixed amount of cash every month (from as little as $1 to an astounding $500) in order to help me create higher quality books and pursue my dream of becoming a full-time author.

The donations are not just for a warm fuzzy feeling either, as each tier of patronage ($1, $2, $25 etc) unlocks awesome rewards including monthly series ideas (think story ideas on steroids!), personalized acknowledgements in my upcoming novels and even early access to forthcoming books!

The main reason I have decided to join Patreon is that I want to be able to hire an editor and cover artist/illustrator for my books so that they will be more enjoyable to read and hopefully contain a lot less typos! Additionally, as I have decided to create and sell my books for free, all expenses come out of my own pocket. I want my fans to have access to my novels, and at the moment, the best way to do that is to have them remain free to download.

Ultimately, I write novels and poems because I love creating new stories and expressing my creativity in different ways. I am not doing this because I want to be rich and famous (although that would be nice), I am doing this because I simply want to write and publish the best books I can. If your $1 helps me do that, then my gratitude would know no bounds.

If you want to check out my Patreon site and (fingers crossed!) become a patron, head on over to https://www.patreon.com/haydenpearton

If you have any feedback regarding Patreon or anything else, feel free to shoot me an email at newedenchronicles@yahoo.com


Poem: Taciturn


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Life’s too short to worry about how short life is. 




I was young

Not old


But not sold


I met her

She was free

She wanted fur

But not me


I found love

She didn’t 

My little dove

My heart’s glint


I persisted

She said no

I desisted

Not my beau


I moved on

Got a wife

She was gone

But gave strife


My heart ached

On her affixed

Wrong love staked

Feelings mixed


I divorced

Wasn’t right

Not forced

I took flight


Now sappy

Just me


But free.


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Metamorphic


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Either love me as I am, or don’t love me at all.




What is a face without a mind

I have quite the opposite bind

My skin is never quite the same

Although I always retain my name

Every morning, as the sun I behold

I find that my flesh has become mottled and old

I peel and tear and throw it away

This I repeat, every single day

And when my old coat is gone

I emerge like the ugly duckling became the swan

Never the same look I possess

Some days I’ll wear pants, others a dress

And although my form every day changes

And my face has many, many ranges

The person inside is always me

Even though with different eyes I see

My likes and hobbies and fears true

Do not change, same as you

So this curse of mine is really no curse at all

For I will always be me, whether I’m big or small!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Obsolete


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Nothing lasts forever.




I was once all the rage

I was a gadget that defined an age

Kids everywhere clamored to have me

And why that was is not hard to see

I had all the best gimmicks and features

I was not like those poor inferior creatures

But then my time came and went

And upon me no more coin was spent

I was old news, they mocked and spat

And in the warehouse for years I sat

I am obsolete, this is fine

This is no longer nineteen ninety nine

But upon the wind I have heard a new word

It is spoken by many, I think they be called “nerd”

“Nostalgia” they say, pointing my way

Perhaps it has come time for a new day

I shall be loved again, at least for a time

But hey, a dime is a dime

So now no longer obsolete am I

And it will be a while longer before I finally die!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Lemonade Stand


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$uccess is addictive.




I remember back when I was ten

To my name I had not a dollar, franc or yen

My father was a strict man

Of pocket money he wasn’t a fan

He said, make it on your own

For that, I’ll give a small loan

So I went and bought wood, lemons and glue

I didn’t know if I got too many or too few

My first batch was far too sweet

The expectations of my customers I did not meet

I mixed and poured and tried again 

Until I found the recipe ye ken

Eventually I found a mix of sweet and tasty

I had not rushed, nor was I hasty

I worked all summer and winter too

I would stand for hours, forgoing the loo

I made myself a couple of bucks

And discovered that poverty sucks

Since then I have worked harder than ever 

My business motto is never say never

And now that I possess a company grand

I must give thanks to that humble lemonade stand!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Crossroads


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We will never know what could have been.




On a balmy summers eve I trod

To a twice cleft path I was led by god

At that crossroads of faith and truth

I saw three men, a father, an elder and a youth

In that moment in which our paths did cross

I found myself at a loss

For here in this mediocre place

I saw three reflections of my face

To my right the father stood tall

I could tell that he had it all

Behind him sat his children two

Not too many, not too few

Perhaps if I had had the courage back then

I would not sit lonely in my own little den

But my lover I chased away with spite and bile

We never did get to walk the aisle

To my left the elder leans

He has not stood straight since his teens

Though his body is bent, his spirit is firm

He has not yet reached his end of term

If I had not drunk nor smoked a bit

Would I have been able to live so fit

But I will never that age attain

Even if right now my body I train

His wise eyes stare back at me

Is he also seeing what could be?

Finally to my fore the youth does stand

Looking like he owns all the land

So confident and proud, he bears it well

Perhaps that is where I would’ve been had I not fell

An athlete I was for many a year

Till I tripped and fell and realized my fear

Now I hobble and hop and cry in pain

And my knee hurts awfully with the passing rain

So here at this crossroads I see my clones

What could have been in parallel zones

A father, an elder and a youth I see

A loner, a loser and a failure I be

I move on, beyond what could have been

Wishing that this better life I had not seen


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Vapid


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Have you ever broken a nail

It’s like, such a fail

Or how about losing your concert ticket 

Why that makes me want to riot and picket

Who cares about wars and such

I mean, they don’t affect me much

I’m more worried about my favourite spot

And how they’re turning it into a parking lot

I’ve been called vapid and rude

But I was like, chill out dude

You don’t need to worry about every little thing

All ya gotta do is acquire some bling

My teachers call me an uneducated brat

Like all I’ve ever done is on my ass sat

But who the hell cares about history and math?

Mention them again and feel my wrath!

So maybe I don’t always know what’s up

And maybe I have a bad habit of saying sup

But this is me and no one more

I may be vapid, but I’m vapid to my core

So listen up you haters and thugs

From me above you’ll receive no hugs

I don’t care if you don’t approve

Out of the way or I’ll make you move!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Hobby


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Want something that costs an inordinate amount of time, money and effort with almost no chance of financial profit?

Get a hobby!




We the people are a very strange lot

We are drawn to the strangest things right out the cot

From collecting sticky envelope decor

To searching for metal treasure by the seashore 

There are those who think bird watching’s fun

And those who would rather go for a park run

What draws us to these activities varied

From birth to death many are carried

A simple joy for a simple folk

Whether they are super cheap or make us broke

We will still build our railways small

And for coins we’ll still collect them all

For a hobby is not a thing to be tossed

Nor does it mean another mind’s been lost

We all have something that gives us joy

Whether that be the re-painting of a humanoid toy

Or the peaceful act of knitting a sock

Or even the climbing of a vertical rock

Hobbies are as hobbies be

So I say that my hobby is a big part of me!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Dissociation of Self


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You are the only you that you will ever be, get used to it.

Baa ba baa baa ba baa ba baaaa baa ba, baa ba baa baaa.




Follow the herd

Is what I’ve heard

Bleat like the rest

Don’t try to be the best

Individuals are weak

Single we are meek

But strong is the pack

We make up for what we lack

But how do I know who I am

If all I stay is a meek little lamb?

Do they know that I dream of more

That I want to create my own personal lore?

No, for a sheep freethinker is a laughable thing

We are all peasants here for we have no king

The shepherd comes and takes us hither

The wolf comes and our flock does wither

I am slowly losing what it means to be me

I am slowly losing what it means to be free

But I will not this battle concede

Until from this herd I am freed

I am a sheep, this is true

But that does not make me the same as you!


Thank you for listening.

Baa baa ba baaa.

Poem: Failure


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Those who can, should. Those who can’t, should try anyway.




Why do I even try?

I could do it until the day I die

But no results will I obtain

No matter how much I strain

My blood and sweat by gallons shed

But through them no crown will adorn my head

I tried to persevere against the odds

But now I see it’s me against the gods

For no success will ever be mine

Whether I go alone or wait in line

So what then is the point of trying

Saying it builds character is simply lying

Why then do I pick myself up?

Why couldn’t I just be a lazy pup?

There is a core of iron in this fleshy frame

I didn’t ask to play on the hardest settings this game

But my daddy told me hard work pays off 

And at those words I could never scoff

Sure it might take me a while

And on more than once it’s left me tasting bile

But I will continue to fail as much as needed

Not once for an easier life have I pleaded

So I’ll fail and fail and fail some more

I will wail and cry and even roar

But not ever shall I give up the chase

So I’ll try and try until I win this race!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: What’s In A Name?


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I, Hayden.




What is in a name?

Does it mean we’re not the same?

I didn’t pick mine, so I’m not to blame

But I’m sure my parents know their shame

Sure, it makes it easier for the bullies to aim

With words and barbs my soul they maim

So much so I want to return from whence I came

And hopefully a new moniker claim

At the very least, choose something that means “flame”

I mean, did they think this was some kind of game

With an alias like this, I’ll never find fame

Why this stupid label I will never tame

Oh why couldn’t I have been born a duke instead of a dame

At the very least, make it fit my frame

Because no matter what you say, Aliviyah is the definition of lame!


Thank you for listening.