Reminder: My Books are Free!



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For those of you who don’t know this, I just wanted to explain the price model for my published books:

Short Version: They’re Free!

Long Version: They’re Freeeeeee!

But Hayden, I hear you ask, how can you just give away your books for free, despite all of the time and effort it took to make them?

Well, the answer is simple: I know how much of a gamble it is to spend your hard-earned money on an unknown and untested author, so I removed the risk. Now, you don’t have to choose between the latest Brandon Sanderson epic and Be Good, you can have both!

If you like what I’ve written, great!

And if you unfortunately don’t, then at least it didn’t cost you anything.

Of course, I am only able to give away my books because they are not my primary income stream. I am currently working as a Physiotherapist in a private hospital, which earns me enough to pay my bills and keep food on the table.

But who knows what the future holds? If possible, I would like to write full-time, enabling me to bring out better books more often, but in that case, I will most likely have to start charging for my works.

Until then, my books will remain free.

Also, please don’t worry about getting half-way through The Chronicles of New Eden and suddenly hitting a paywall. All of my current series will be free, from start to finish, for the foreseeable future.

With that said, why don’t you give my books a chance, you might just be glad you did!

Son of Man has been published!


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After more than a year of hard work, Son of Man is finally out!

Set decades before Awakening, Son of Man tells the tale of the Freedman Rebellion, in which re-mechs (intelligent machines) fought for their freedom. Isaac, a young father who loses everything to violence, finds his path intertwined with those of the re-mechs. Together, they will attempt to change the world.

Will they succeed? Or will the rebellion crumble into ashes?

Read Son of Man to find out!

Son of Man is available for free at and their affiliates (Apple iBooks, Kobo, etc)

It is also be available for $0.99 at Amazon!

New Book Announcement: The Fall of Tartarus (CoNE 3)!


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After finally finishing Son of Man, I can now start work on my next novel: The Fall of Tartarus. This book is the third path in The Chronicles of New Eden, and continues the story of Barsch and Alza.

Six months after Sunrise Sapling, a tentative peace has emerged across the world. However, a new threat from the heavens threatens to destroy everything that Barsch has fought for. He will need to leave the planet and face a dangerous new foe, whilst also fighting the darkness that lurks within him.

Look forward to further updates, and don’t lose your stride!

Son of Man is coming June 24th!


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After finishing the first draft a week ago, I have now completed the initial round of editing and formatting, in addition to finalizing the cover design.

The book will be published on the 24th of June, and like all of my other works, it will be completely free!

For those of you who don’t know, Son of Man is a prequel story in The Chronicles of New Eden. Set decades before Awakening, it follows a man named Isaac who loses everything to war. Witness his struggle as he fights to protect his son, Alvin, whilst finding himself inserted into a larger conflict that will grow to shape the future of the world!

Son of Man will be initially available via Smashwords and Amazon, with their affiliate links becoming active soon afterwards (iBooks, Kobo etc).

Due to the nature of the story, I highly recommend reading both Awakening and Sunrise Sapling first in order to enjoy the story as it was meant to be told.

The First Draft of Son of Man is finally complete!


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I know, this has been a long time coming. I started working on Son of Man in early 2019, and at the time I thought that I could hop between it, The Beggar Knight, and The Godhand. My plan at the time was to work on all three books simultaneously, and thereafter release them one after the other. After a while, I realized that my approach wasn’t working.

So, switching tracks, I decided to focus on a single book at a time. My decision was also partly based on the fact that of the three, The Beggar Knight was the most fun to write, followed by The Godhand. Son of Man, by comparison, was a bit of a pain.

It was the first time I had ever attempted to write a prequel. This alone was fairly daunting, as I struggled to adapt themes from the Chronicles of New Eden and fit them into a shorter format with a heavier focus on war and loss.

Son of Man is also the darkest book I have ever written, featuring multiple deaths, depressing scenes and my first truly unhappy ending.

This was difficult for me to get used to, hence the long delays as I found other projects to occupy my time. But finally, after months of hard work, Son of Man is finally approaching completion.

The first draft is now complete, which means that editing, formatting and cover design is next. Once those items have been checked off, I will release Son of Man to the world.

As a prequel, Son of Man is best enjoyed after reading both Awakening and Sunrise Sapling, but it is not absolutely necessary in order to enjoy the story.

Just like every other book I’ve written, Son of Man will be completely free to obtain when it is released.

Stay tuned for more info…

Happy New Year!


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I hope that all of you are celebrating the new year with friends and family; and, failing that, with a good book in hand!

I wanted to take this moment to outline my plans for 2020, which is set to be one of the busiest in my writing career.

A quick note before you continue: all of this is tentative and subject to change, including the order of releases and the timeframes stipulated.

So what can you expect from me in 2020? Well, I am planning on releasing five books this year, which would be a personal best.

They are, in order of release:

  1. Son of Man (finally!) – Q1
  2. Unannounced Sequel – Q1
  3. The Chronicles of New Eden 3 – Q2/3
  4. The Beggar Chronicles 2 – Q3/4
  5. The Metrophobia Collection 4 – Q4

I know that this is a very vague list, but I will fill you in on the details as the year progresses.

With this, I hope that you will look forward to tons of new stories and surprising twists!

Until next time, Ciao!

Christmas Sale!


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Hey people of indiscriminate colour, gender and mood! Hope you are all having a fantastic festive season!

I would like to announce that from today until eternity, my published books will be having a 100% off sale!!!

This will bring the price down from $0.00 to $0.00, which is a huge reduction!

Act now (or whenever), to take advantage of this amazing offer!

See you in the new year, and look forward to the Early 2020 release of The Son of Man!

Black Friday Special – 100% Off!!!


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This thanksgiving, treat yourself to the best gift of all: fiction!

From today until forever, all of my books will be 100% off their usual asking price of $0.00!

That means that you can pick up Awakening, Be Good, The Beggar Knight, The Godhand and many more for the low low price of FREE!*

Act now and I’ll even throw in a second, third and fourth copy FREE!

Head to my smashwords page to start saving with this amazing deal!

*No strings attached. I promise.

The Godhand has been published!


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That’s right, my latest book is available to purchase for the low, low cost of nothing at all!

Just like all of my other books, The Godhand is now available for FREE on Smashwords! It will also be available on Smashwords affiliates (Apple, Barnes & Noble etc) within the next day or two.

The book will also be available via Amazon within the next few days. Due to their restrictions, it will cost $0.99 on their platform. This is unfortunately as low as I can set it with them.

The book is set in August 1972. A handprint a hundred kilometres across sitting in the Iraqi desert has just been discovered. On the other side of the world, three people unknowingly work to uncover its mysteries. Richard, an atheistic geologist, seeks fame and glory. Gary, a computer translation specialist, seeks to right the wrongs of his past. And Elaine, an investigator at NASA, seeks to uncover the truth. Together, they will discover the secrets of The Godhand… and humanity will never be the same again…

The book is my first foray into the Alternative History genre, and I can honestly say that I’ve never done so much research in my life!

Another first for me was writing the majority of The Godhand on my phone. A pro was definitely easy access even in the middle of a busy workday. A con, however, was auto-correct. No, Apple, the rocket was not about to ‘lunch’…

Well, enough of me prattling on! The Godhand is FREE and available now, so there’s no reason not to head over to to check it out!

Enjoy, and look forward to my next book!