Poem: Patreon



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I wrote this in celebration of joining Patreon.

Think of it what you will.


All that glitters is not gold

If you will allow me to be so bold

A dollar is simply a sign of faith

But I am no penny-pinching wraith

For cash is naught but coins and slips

Not meant for buying toys or trips

Instead you should buy what cannot be bought

And seek out what cannot be sought

For a buck will buy you naught but woe

Unless you rid yourself of your greedy foe

So truly come and truly see

What all of this means to me

Your donation is a drop of light

Giving me the strength to continue my fight

So that a better world I can create

All I ask is that you patiently wait

I promise I will not waste this gift of coin

And I hope that on this journey you’ll join

For together I believe we’ll do wondrous things

And together I believe we’ll be literature’s kings!

Thank you for listening.

If you want to make my dreams come true (and why wouldn’t you 😉 ), you can become my patron at https://www.patreon.com/haydenpearton


I’m on Patreon!!!



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That’s right, I have finally joined the Patreon ranks!

For those of you who might not know, Patreon is a website in which you can become my patron, pledging a fixed amount of cash every month (from as little as $1 to an astounding $500) in order to help me create higher quality books and pursue my dream of becoming a full-time author.

The donations are not just for a warm fuzzy feeling either, as each tier of patronage ($1, $2, $25 etc) unlocks awesome rewards including monthly series ideas (think story ideas on steroids!), personalized acknowledgements in my upcoming novels and even early access to forthcoming books!

The main reason I have decided to join Patreon is that I want to be able to hire an editor and cover artist/illustrator for my books so that they will be more enjoyable to read and hopefully contain a lot less typos! Additionally, as I have decided to create and sell my books for free, all expenses come out of my own pocket. I want my fans to have access to my novels, and at the moment, the best way to do that is to have them remain free to download.

Ultimately, I write novels and poems because I love creating new stories and expressing my creativity in different ways. I am not doing this because I want to be rich and famous (although that would be nice), I am doing this because I simply want to write and publish the best books I can. If your $1 helps me do that, then my gratitude would know no bounds.

If you want to check out my Patreon site and (fingers crossed!) become a patron, head on over to https://www.patreon.com/haydenpearton

If you have any feedback regarding Patreon or anything else, feel free to shoot me an email at newedenchronicles@yahoo.com


The First Draft of Sunrise Sapling is Complete!


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After years of long nights and countless setbacks, I have finished writing the first draft of Sunrise Sapling!

As it stands, the book has roughly 141k words spread of 380 pages, a massive improvement over Awakening!

With the shorter length, I hope to remove a lot of the clutter and filler that plagued the first book in The Chronicles of New Eden, making for a more enjoyable and engaging read.

However, there is still a lot to do before I can get it out to all of you. Editing, my old nemesis, must be fought and defeated if I wish to claim the treasure he guards: Publication.

If I am able to make good use of my time and the editing stays on schedule, I hope to have Sunrise Sapling ready for publication before March 2018. Realistically speaking, I know that unforeseen events might delay the release, so I will endeavor to keep to my internal roadmap as far as I can.

Please stay tuned for more updates, and remember, The Seed must be Saved!

P.S. I have a tradition of starting a new book on the same day I finish writing the old one, so work on Be Good has officially started!



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Chapters 20, 21 and 22 are done!

Praise the Avatars!

So, all that’s left is the epilogue.

Honestly, I’m super excited to share my creation with all of you. When I think of people reading my book, my soul is uplifted.

It might not be on the same level as the latest Dan Brown bestseller, but it is something that I’ve poured my heart into. I’ve spent years toiling away at this, and at long last, the end is in sight.

And although I’m somewhat saddened to be closing another chapter of The Chronicles of New Eden, I’m excited at what is still to come.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, The Seed must be Saved!

Two Chapters for the Price of One


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So, here’s the thing: I planned out the entirety of The Chronicles of New Eden when I was 17 (8 years ago). I knew the general story direction, character arcs, twists and the ending.

But there is a big difference between what you plan to write and what you end up writing.

Since I started writing Sunrise Sapling, I’ve added and removed characters, changed key plot points and altered the details of the ending.

Over the weekend, I had to make another change.

I split a chapter in half.

After completing the first draft of chapter 19 (hooray!) I saw that the planned content for chapter 20 would make it more than double the length of the preceding chapters. Instead of suddenly having a super long chapter, I decided to instead split the chapter and improve the general reading flow.

I’m a stubborn writer by nature and I generally dislike deviating from the original plan, but I believe that growing as a writer includes learning when to change and adapt your plan.

So, although Sunrise Sapling is now 22 chapters long, there isn’t any new content and my original roadmap still holds true.

Writing is still progressing smoothly, and I will keep all of you updated.

Stay tuned for more info, and remember, The Seed must be Saved!

Dawn is Coming


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I am happy to report that the first draft of chapter 18 is done!

Obviously, there are still 3 more chapters and an epilogue to finish, but progress is progress!

Due to the nearing holidays, I’m unsure if I will be able to keep up this pace, but my optimistic roadmap puts the completed first draft by the end of December, leaving January and February for editing. If all goes well, I would like to have Sunrise Sapling published on the 24th of February 2018 (2 years to the day after Awakening).

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates!

And remember, The Seed must be Saved!

The Seed must be Saved


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Another week, another chapter.

So the writing is going well, which is good.

And I’m happy with what I’ve produced, which is great.

The bad news?

Well, there isn’t any.

Just goes to show that in this world full of chaos and strife, it doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom.

Now there’s a cheery thought.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, The Seed must be Saved!

Radio Silence


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So, clearly, there hasn’t been a poem a day to keep the darkness away.

The reason is quite simple. I’ve been allocating time for my other passion in life:


At the moment, I am writing chapter 17 (there are 21 in all) of Sunrise Sapling, the sequel to Awakening. Writing has been progressing smoothly and I am quite happy with the work I have produced. While there is still a long road ahead to publication, it is growing shorter with each passing day.

After Sunrise Sapling is published, I plan to begin writing a new book, separate from The Chronicles of New Eden. It is a fantasy story with a heavy religious bent, and I can’t wait to start working on it.

As for my regular poems, I will try and post them when I can, but for now my entire creative presence is being directed towards my writing.

I hope that you understand, and I look forward to sharing more progress with you in the future.

Thank you for listening… and remember, The Seed must be Saved!

Poem: Toy Soldier


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Many go marching on, but far too few come hopping back…




Talk is cheap but words cost lives 

Towards peace our nation strives

But peace is not won with fancy words

But rather with eggs falling from metal birds

With fire and flame and ammo and tears

We who walk here die before our years

But that does not matter one bit to sarge

Through the enemy’s fire he would have us barge

No more than pawns on the board

Against the enemy we are to be scored

Every drop of blood we spill 

The army would have us foot the bill

But this war shall not ever come to an end

So long as violent thoughts our leaders rend

But I will still stand and fight

I will form part of our nation’s might

And one day I shall attain the peace I crave

Once I am safe and snug inside my grave…


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Theft


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Wanted: Schrödinger’s cat, dead and alive.




What is the worst thing you can steal?

Is it something imaginary or real?

For to take what is not yours

By riffling through my sacred drawers

You seek and grab and spread

I can’t believe you even checked under my bed

You stole away into the dark, drab night

You were soon gone entirely from my sight

I thought I had it locked securely away

Kept safe after fray after fray

But you did not care for locks and chains

You stubbornly took hold of my heart’s reins

And now I have fallen deeply for you

And I can once more imagine what it would be like to be two

So now I sit beside my phone so silent

Waiting for the ringer to turn violent

Until then I’ll put out a wanted page for my thief l’amour

And hope that it will bring you once more to my door


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Afterparty 


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Guess what, you’re all invited!




Tumbling towards nothing at all

We are alike, from the big to the small

We hope and dream that someday we’ll know

We think that we’ll get there and see where to go

But no one really has any clue or hint

We don’t know if it’s a marathon or a sprint

What comes after everything we see

Will I simply fade away or will I stay me

Some say a land of heavenly clouds awaits

Others say that the void is our end fates

But I do not ponder and query

For thinking about after will leave you weary

Rather try and enjoy what you have left

Before from life’s side you are cleft

Cherish every moment and love every day

If you do this, you’ll truly know the way

And when at least your time has come

Simply smile, wave, and stick out your thumb

It doesn’t matter how well you scored

For a life well lived is its own reward!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: (K)ill


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Grab a knife

Hold your wife

Prepare for strife

Cause I’m coming for you life!




I have planned and plotted

With your blood I am besotted 

I long to carve and cut

I want to leave this no-kill rut

Your flesh shall be upon mine blade

Your house at midnight I plan to raid

Silently I’ll creep and skulk about

You must think me the worst kind of lout

But I have a hobby and a dream

That is, to rip you from seam to seam

So if this night you are to heaven sent

You should know to me how much it meant

That I was able to kill such a fine able-bodied fellow

I just hope I get you before you bellow

For this night is for just us two

That’s right, it’s a death match for me and you

So grab your weapon and hold it tight

Only one shall be breathing after tonight!


Thank you for listening.