I’m on Patreon!!!



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That’s right, I have finally joined the Patreon ranks!

For those of you who might not know, Patreon is a website in which you can become my patron, pledging a fixed amount of cash every month (from as little as $1 to an astounding $500) in order to help me create higher quality books and pursue my dream of becoming a full-time author.

The donations are not just for a warm fuzzy feeling either, as each tier of patronage ($1, $2, $25 etc) unlocks awesome rewards including monthly series ideas (think story ideas on steroids!), personalized acknowledgements in my upcoming novels and even early access to forthcoming books!

The main reason I have decided to join Patreon is that I want to be able to hire an editor and cover artist/illustrator for my books so that they will be more enjoyable to read and hopefully contain a lot less typos! Additionally, as I have decided to create and sell my books for free, all expenses come out of my own pocket. I want my fans to have access to my novels, and at the moment, the best way to do that is to have them remain free to download.

Ultimately, I write novels and poems because I love creating new stories and expressing my creativity in different ways. I am not doing this because I want to be rich and famous (although that would be nice), I am doing this because I simply want to write and publish the best books I can. If your $1 helps me do that, then my gratitude would know no bounds.

If you want to check out my Patreon site and (fingers crossed!) become a patron, head on over to https://www.patreon.com/haydenpearton

If you have any feedback regarding Patreon or anything else, feel free to shoot me an email at newedenchronicles@yahoo.com


Poem: Record


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Etched in memory.


Round and round we go

A groove of sound and sine

A memento of what once was

A reminder of what was mine

Etch the sound of life within

And make those memories shine!


Record the laughter

Record the tears

Record the anger

Record the years

Etch the sound of life within

And bid farewell to your fears!


We record the good

We record the bad

The ugly

And the sad

Etch the sound of life within

And remember all that makes you glad!


Every moment is a treasure

But not all that glitters is gold

For each and every single pleasure

Mine heart must also grow somewhat cold

Etch the sound of life within

And become both brave and bold!


The simple act of dropping the needle

Release the trapped ages past

So let the echoes of time burst forth

As the sounds of love forever last

Etch the sounds of life within

And enjoy all in this world so vast


Record not sound but life itself

On vinyl etched with thought and word

A side for the good and the bad

Memories that must be seen and heard

Etch the sound of life within

And be released from all you have spurred!


Etch the sound of life within

And listen to it’s joy giving spin!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Hunter


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We are all slaves to our instincts




My mouth salivates at the thought

On this day vengeance be wrought

For weeks I have stalked my prey

Waiting patiently for this very day

I have followed the tracks and heeded the sign

And very soon your flesh will be mine

I ready my blade, polished and sharp

It has brought me plenty of kale and carp

And now upon flesh so tender

I will let my blade a deathly render

You cannot run, you cannot hide

I am already at your side

Quick like fire I drive my blade true

Know that on this day your life I slew

Through the lifestem my blade cuts quick

How I have waited for this meal to pick

The time was ripe, your meat so sweet

Killing you was truly a mighty feat

To the gods whose bounty they grant

I thank you humbly for this eggplant!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Heartbrake


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Start your engines…




Love is like a car, simple and sweet

It carries us instead of our feet

Over hill and mountain it keeps us grounded

Over heartbreak and sorrow it keeps us bounded

Whether we drive a quick and speedy lambo

Barreling through relationships like Rambo 

Or a slow and tender van

Waiting for just the right man

Our cars will keep us safe and keep us true

Until we are delivered unto our beau

And sure it might not be an easy ride

Without gps or map to guide

And our engine might suffer a ding or two

They are worth it if we are to be with you

So we’ll fill up with plenty of love

And slip on our racing glove

Towards the finish line we race

At its end we’ll see your face

Because beyond there is a most marvelous view

And the car of love has room for two!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: The Untrainable Muscle


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I have the body of a god…Buddha




They say that your body is a temple

Mine is its own religion

I worship my core

And they worship me

My pecs are a canvas upon which I paint

A masterpiece of muscle and meat

It would make Van Gogh faint

And all the critics bleat

My guns are a mighty 50 cal

Shooting down weakness as well

My gluts could hold up mountains

And turn glaciers into fountains 

And all the bros doth say

That my body is so ripped

It tore the whole way

But for all my gains and growth

There is but one muscle that sloweth

My chest which bears a maiden heart

More beautiful than my pectoral work of art

Whenever I present my body so swole

The ladies say take a stroll

They say I’m too large or dumb

It hurts much more than any DOMS

I’ve tried yoga and squats and more

Until their words won’t leave me sore

I will work and work until I’m buff

Emotional strength tough enough

Until then I will max my reps

Until they know of my hidden depths

Soon I’ll have them forming a queue

And I will finally have that protein shake for two!


Thank you for listening.

Guest Poem: The Republic Saved?


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By the inventive Dr Gregory Musson

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



When all but seems lost, 

And truth finally reveals the cost,

Fire leaps across the tortured earth. 

Of the land bled dry in the greedy’s path.

The guilty, devoid of conscience, shed false tears.

As the cleansing fire licks in painful sears.


Still those with demons hidden.

Pretended they do not do the Devils bidding. 

Yet deeds betrayed their awful lust. 

Eroding a whole nation’s trust.

Lost in their own desiccated plot.

Reduced to ashes to be their lot.


Fire, the will of the newly freed, 

Now sees blind faith as always betrayed. 

Choices needed, perhaps hard of heart.

Yet truth should cleanse our minds of doubt.

We are the captains of our country’s soul.

Not the deluded few with only selfish goal.

Thank you for listening.

Guest Poem: Solace


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By the masterful Dr Gregory Musson

Those who stand above will one day be buried below.



What corrupts conscience?

And drives those eager to control. 

To be wizard, man and God. 

To countenance cheating equality’s goal.


Know though, we are all born of fire.

Of fire to remain and fire to return to. 

Still eternity teases and beckons desire.


Solace only belongs to the spirit who finds…..


We are all equal in time.


Thank you for listening. 

Poem: Ninety-Nine


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No one lives forever, so don’t try and count every moment. Instead try and make every moment count.



It all started with a cough

And a feeling of something being off

Next came the shortness of breath

I began to wonder about death

No, I said, ’tis only a bug

All I need is a well fashioned drug

So I took my pills and bade my rest

Swaddled in a soft and down-filled nest

But as the days turned to weeks

And the colour drained from my rosy cheeks

I began to fear that this was it

So smoking immediately I did quit

But the doctor said it wasn’t enough

And that things were about to become very rough

Stage four he said, with eyes of gloom

I don’t even recall how I left his room

That was four and forty days ago

From all the chemo I practically glow

My children beside my bed do weep

As they wait for my eternal sleep

I have made my peace and done my will

Of life I have had more than my fill

My darling wife before me did go

Off to heaven went my darling beau

So now I too take a new step

For which I have had a lifetime to prep

Although my fear is still at my side

I shall not let it hamper my stride

Life has given me tears and joy

From my darling love to my little boy

A life well lived is what they’ll say

As over my casket they solemnly pray

So now it is time for me to leave

They will need their time to grieve

Towards the light I now ascend

I know my wife awaits at the end

So bring it on, this death of mine!

And thank God I lived to ninety-nine!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Princess


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If you want a happily ever after, make it yourself.



Let down your hair

Like you don’t have a care

The world will not a prince send

No matter how much you beg or bend 

If you want a knight so cool

You must break each and every rule

Make the first move of many 

Wade through a jerk or twenty

For atop that tower no one shall go

So long as you remain your own greatest foe

The stereotypical damsel in distress

We really should put to rest

If all you do is sit and bemoan

You shall remain forever alone

While it may be quite a chore

It is better than your inevitable bed sore

That no prince should freely come

If you continue to act all dumb

So show the world you can pass the test

And show the world that you’re better than the rest

Go forth and pick up your blade

Secure your hair in its braid

Ride out, not on pony but steed

From that false dogma be freed

That princesses can be brave and smart

And valiant enough to steal your heart


Thank you for listening. 

Poem: I Am Here!


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Please… look at me…

I remember when you used to hold me

When you used to touch me

When you used to love me

I remember when he gave me to you

You were beyond happy

Beyond excited

Beyond emotions

You loved me

You cared for me

You were my home and my rock

You would take me for walks daily

You would run alongside me

My tiny legs struggling to keep up

But now I am a bother

A nuisance

A pet

No more do we walk

No more do we run

No more, no more

I am no longer cute, you said

I am no longer small, you said

I am no longer fun, you said

And yet you never asked me

What I wanted

What I needed

You tore me from my mother

You took me from my home

I never asked for this

I never wanted this

I only wanted a slice of your love

A sliver of your home

A piece of your heart

But even that is too much for you

So now I sit

Growing older

So now I stay

Growing weaker

So now I lie

Growing lighter

All I ask

All I plead

All I want

Is that you look at me

Is that you smile at me

Is that you wave at me

I will not ask for more

I will not hope for more

I will not dream for more

One last time

Call me to you

Before I am gone

Show that you understand

Show that you know

Show that you care

For I Am Here…

Until I Am Here No More…

Thank you for listening.

Poem: The Monster


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You are beautiful, no matter what they say.

-Christina Aguilera


Eyes of flame, eyes of light

Eyes which seek out every fight

Skin like stone, cobbled and cracked

This monster I have chased and tracked

He lumbers through the concrete jungle now

To kill him is my only vow

When people stare and people scream

Blood and gore become the theme

He towers over men and more

He hunkers down so close to the floor

A hideous beast that knows no love

Not even from the kindest dove

How dare he show his face so gruesome

He will always be alone, never a twosome

I hate and hate and hate him so

We will never be friends, always we’ll row

He should not ever the light of day see

He should know that he was not meant to be

So when at last I do confront him

I promise I will tear him limb from limb

But know that even now he draws nearer

Staring at me from the other side of the mirror

Thank you for listening.