Barsch La Tergan (pronounced BAR-shh Lah Ter-GUN)

A young man of sixteen, he has bluish-green eyes and black hair. Standing at five feet eleven inches, he is an average teenager by most measures. Helpful and kind to a fault, he posses a stubborn will and refuses to abandon someone in need. He has long dreamed of adventure, and sees his unintentional journey as both a blessing and a curse. Of course, there is more to him than meets the eye.

Read Awakening to find out more about his… anger problems, and his guilty conscience.

Alza (pronounced Al-ZAH)

A young woman roughly fifteen years old, she has captivating violet eyes and hair of purest white. An enigma to all those around her, she keeps to herself and maintains a cold demeanor at all times. She has no recollection of who she is and where she came from, and her desire to discover these things drives her forward. Naturally, there are things about her that even she does not know.

Read Awakening to find out more about her… abilities, and her incredible journey.

Kingston (pronounced King-STON)

An old man of indeterminate age, he has been living as a hermit for longer than he can remember. With his piercing green eyes and white hair he bears an aura of knowledge and experience. However his lack of contact with other humans has degraded his social skills, and he tends to be suspicious of the unknown. Bearing a kind heart and a compassionate soul, he is eager to help Barsch find his way. As long as Barsch does not delve too much into his personal history.

Read Awakening to find out more about his… suspicious actions, and his violent past.

Maloch (pronounced Mah-LOCK)

A Re-mech (humanoid robot with an artificial intelligence) built before the collapse of civilization, he ardently pursues his duty until an accident causes him to rethink his purpose. Fiercely loyal and always helpful,  he is forever ready to lend a hand.

Read Awakening to find out more about his… malfunctions, and his path to freedom.