Sunrise Sapling

Sunrise Sapling(3).jpg

The Second Book in The Chronicles of New Eden

Humanity lies on the brink of extinction.
Six months since humanity was prematurely unfrozen, food supplies are running out. If nothing is done, a hundred million people will die.
Barsch La Tergan, still reeling from the revelations of his last journey, must leave the safety of Genesis Station 13 in search of a miracle.
Accompanying him is Alza, a mysterious young woman whose mind may not be her own.
Together, they will face murderous re-mechs, confront their pasts and unravel their very sense of identity.
Once something has been broken, can it ever truly be fixed? Are you sure that your memories are your own? What does it mean to be free? And would you sacrifice everything for the sake of the world?
Discover the answers to these questions and more, as you unravel a story that will redefine everything you thought you knew about madness, murder and motherhood.

But above all, no matter what happens, remember… The Seed must be Saved…


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