New Book Reveal (3/3)


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In the tiny kingdom of Brent, nestled between the mountains and the sea, lives a beggar called You Bugger.

This is not his name. It’s just what people call him.

This is his story.

The Beggar Chronicles: Part One

The Beggar Knight

Release Date: TBD


New Book Reveal (2/3)


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Before Barsch, before Alza, the world was ravaged by war. However, in the midst of this chaos there was a group which only desired one thing: to be slaves no more.

This is their story.

The Chronicles of New Eden: Ascendant Path One

Son of Man

Release Date: TBD

Be Good is almost here!


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That’s right, Be Good will be published on Sunday, the 24th of June!

It will be available immediately on Smashwords for free, followed by its partners (Apple, Kobo etc) and Amazon (where the minimum price means that I have to sell it at $0.99).

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort crafting this story, and I hope you all enjoy it!

I can proudly say that Be Good is the best book I’ve written so far!

So take a look, pay nothing and if you like it, leave a review!

And remember, you have to Kill the King!

Be Good Character Profile: Arthus Beliere


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The Lord of Gold and Fire.


Age: 59

Height: 5’11

Hair: Short, Black with streaks of grey

Eyes: Black

Occupation: Head of House Beliere

Hometown: Pyre


Born into one of the most powerful Houses, Arthus was raised into a life of luxury and influence. He served as the right hand man of the former king, Alcern.

However, with Silas’ ascension, Arthus found himself losing favor with the crown.

Now, the relationship between king and noble is strained to the point of breaking.

Arthus, however, has a plan to fix this…

Will he succeed? To what lengths will he go to protect the kingdom? And is there more to this friendly nobleman?

Read Be Good to find out!

Be Good Release Date & Story Overview!


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With editing going so well, I thought that I would share some more details about Be Good…

Be Good tells the tale of Attacus Lore, a Prion (priest) of the Church of the Priarch. As the story begins he has just completed his ten years of training and is set to receive his Holy Order, a command written by the Church’s founder a thousand years prior.

Some Prions are told to start farms. Others are told to marry into influential families.

Attacus, however, is told to Kill the King.

Unfortunately, the current King is his brother.

Will he succeed? Will he take the life of his kin, or will he throw away a thousand years of divine providence?

Read Be Good to find out…

Available June 24th, 2018

Be Good Character Profile: Silas Fyrnorn


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Long live the Whoreborn King.


Age: 29

Height: 6’1

Hair: Short, brown

Eyes: Grey

Occupation: King of Vuria

Hometown: Slumtown


Born to Edda, a servant of the palace, and bastard son of King Alcern, Silas spent his childhood in Slumtown, never knowing his father.

After Attacus was adopted by Edda, the two became brothers, bonded together for life.

However, a cruel twist of fate, the revelation of his father’s identity, drove the two apart.

Sadly, they have not spoken in 10 years.

Does Silas still view Attacus as his brother? Is he planning on selling out his kingdom to its enemies? And can he escape his gruesome fate?

Read Be Good to find out!

New Book Reveal!


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July, 1972.

The first images have been sent back from the ERTS satellite, traveling in a polar orbit around the Earth.

Among the images are sweeping views of the deserts of Africa, the rainforests of South America, the mountains of Nepal…

And a handprint the size of a city.

Why is it there? What does it mean?

And more importantly, who does it belong to?

The world will be forever changed, after we reveal the terrifying truth behind…


Be Good Common Terms


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Below is a list of a few of the most common terms used in Be Good. It is my aim that this list will help you to familiarize yourself with the customs and ways of the Flamelands, and thus enrich your reading experience.

  • Church of the Priarch: one of the main religions in the Flamelands, it worships Priarch, the Eternal Flame.
  • Flamelands, The: A sub-confident sized landmass upon which our story takes place. Home to a variety of nations, peoples and cultures.
  • Holy Order: 10000 tasks written by Prophet Imran, used to enforce his will across the centuries. Upon the completion of their training, every Prion receives one.
  • Prion: An ordained holy man (or woman) of the Church of the Priarch. In addition to completing their Holy Orders they also minister to the people of Vuria, providing guidance and sermons every ten days.
  • Prophet Imran: The founder of the Church of the Priarch. Originally a simple fisherman, after experiencing a traumatic event he gained the ability to see the future.
  • Pyre: The capital city of Vuria. Located in the middle of a large plateau bordered on all sides by deep fissures in the earth.
  • Slumtown: A shantytown outside Pyre, home to the lost and broken things of society.
  • Vuria: A kingdom at the center of the Flamelands. It is ruled by King Silas Fyrnorn. The only accepted religion is the Church of the Priarch.

These are just a few of the terms that Be Good utilizes. I am planning on adding a complete glossary to the site when I publish Be Good, so look forward to that!

Be Good Update: Rough Draft Complete!


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After almost 3 months of writing, I am proud to announce that the rough draft of Be Good is complete!

All that is left is a bit of editing, some polish, and a spellcheck for good measure.

Depending on how the editing goes, I will hopefully be ready for publication in the next month or two.

In other news, in keeping with my ancient tradition, I have started work on my next novel (so that there is never a break between works). More details about it will come soon!

So look forward to further updates, and I can’t wait to finally show you what Be Good is all about!

Be Good Update: Prophets and Prions


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I am pleased to announce that chapter 15 (of 15) is done!

All that remains is a quick epilogue and I’ll be done with the rough draft of Be Good!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring this story to you, and I truly hope that you will enjoy it!

It really is like nothing else you’ve ever read!

Please stay tuned for more updates, and I look forward to sharing more news with you!