The Beggar Knight Character Profile: Thirty-Nine


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If he’s Odd, run. If he’s Even, run all the same…

Age: 35

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Black

Height: 5’9

Occupation: Knight Assassin

A master assassin and certified madman, Thirty-Nine has been hired by forces unknown to eliminate the Heir of Brent. He loves Even numbers, and becomes unhinged when he is Odd.

And by the way, Thirty-Nine isn’t his name.

It’s his kill count…

Read The Beggar Knight on Sunday to discover how many times his name will change in pursuit of the Princess!

Stay tuned for a brief story overview tomorrow, to see how all of these weird and wonderful characters fit together!


The Beggar Knight Character Profile: Fade


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He who dwells in darkness.

Age: 29

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Height: 6’0

Occupation: Assassin

The second best assassin in the land of Alm, Fade keeps to the shadows, only appearing in the last moments of his victim’s life. He is You Bugger’s closest friend, which in turn makes him the most dangerous beggar in the world…

Read The Beggar Knight to find out more about this mysterious assassin!

The next character profile will be released on the 21st, followed by the story overview on the 22nd!

The Beggar Knight Character Profile: Claudia


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She will be Queen, no matter the cost.

Age: 23

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’3

Occupation: Heir-Apparent of Brent

The Princess herself.

Heir to the throne of Brent, Claudia has spent most of her life training for her ascension. Now, however, she is surrounded by beggars and assassins, fighting for her life.

Will she triumph? Will she fall? Read The Beggar Knight to find out!

Look forward to another character profile on the 18th!

The Beggar Knight Update: Almost There!


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Good tidings, one and all!

The Beggar Knight is almost ready for publication!

If I can finish the final checks on time, then the book will be released on the 24th of March!

Between now and then I will be periodically releasing character profiles for the four main characters, along with a general synopsis for the book.

And remember, The Beggar Knight, along with every other book I’ve written, is completely free of charge! No subscriptions, no sign-ups and no micro transactions!

So look forward to meeting You Bugger the Beggar and learning about his weird and wonderful world!

The Beggar Knight Character Profile: You Bugger


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That’s not his name. It’s just what people call him…

Age: 26

Hair: Dirty blonde with a ragged beard

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’10

Occupation: Beggar

The Beggar who has it all.

You Bugger is a beggar living in the unremarkable town of Garn. After fleeing from his mysterious past, he has found happiness in the simplicity of his current life. However, a certain princess’ arrival might spell trouble for our complacent hero…

Look forward to another character profile on the 15th!

Holy Order 9806 – Prion Marken


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Start a farm close to Origin

Prion Tumul Marken gazed upon the desolate land before him with a rising sense of dread.

What was he doing?

He was no farmer. He was barely a Prion.

Why did he think that he could do this?

He had spent his childhood reading books and avoiding physical labour so skilfully his peers had taken to calling him The Stubborn Stone. He had devised lies and deceptions in order to get out of his physical chores during his training, only remaining in the Elder Prion’s good graces by taking on an equal amount of sedentary work. For ten years, he had hid in the library of Origin, letting his mind expand at the cost of his muscle’s deterioration.

And now Prophet Imran wanted him to start a farm.

Ha. ha.


Prion Marken hoisted the blade high above his head, non-existent muscles struggling under the unfamiliar weight. A moment later, he let the tool fall towards the hard-packed soil.

It struck with a disappointing crick!

He had barely managed to pierce the ground, creating a hole that was barely a knuckle-width deep.

Nearby, in a basket made of woven reeds, was a heap of Tama fruit seeds. He had been told that they were the only things that would grow this side of the Urnic God Scar.

If he could ready the field and plant his first crop before the end of the month, then he could officially call himself a farmer.

Lifting the tool once more, he brought it down again.

And again.

And again.

Until the hole was deep enough to keep the seed safe.


One down.

Four hundred and ninety-nine to go.


How many days had he spent beneath the burning sun?

Enough for his pale skin to become charred and browned.

How many days had he spent hefting all manner of tools?

Enough for his wiry arms to grow and bulge.

How many days had he spent staring at his growing crop?

Enough for each of his seeds to gain a name.

What was the point of this, he wondered, as he stared at the long rows of troughs before him.

Surely there were other farms and better farmers to do Prophet Imran’s will? Could Imran not have simply asked him to manage one of those instead?

Why did he have to do everything himself?

What was he supposed to gain from this?

Because at this rate, all he was going to receive was a sunburn.



It was finally time.

After months of waiting, and hoping, and praying.

Today was the day.

The day of the harvest.

Dressing in his farmer’s overalls -his Prion robes had proven unsuitable for working in the fields- he left his simple home.

Soon, he would have a mound of Tama fruit higher than his roof. The first batch, containing the best specimens, he would send to Origin. The second, he would send to his family. And the third, he would send to the market.

After all, Prophet Imran hadn’t said anything about being a non-profit farmer…

Rubbing his hands, he walked towards the fields, dreaming of riches to come.


He laid the Tama fruit down on the dry ground, wondering what had gone wrong. The fruits he had seen in his youth, when he had gone with his father to the weekly market, had been the size of his head. The one beside his foot was barely bigger than an apple, and instead of the green shell crisscrossed by white lines he had been expecting it was a mottled shade of purple.

Prying it open with his knife, he had found it full of rot, unsuitable even for the rats to feast upon.

Well, there were always a few bad eggs mixed in with the good, as his mother had always said.

Surely he would have more luck with the next one…


The Eternal Flame was sinking closer to its resting place when he finally gave up.

Every. Single. Tama fruit.

Every last one he had pulled up.

Rotting. Diseased. Half-eaten.

Not a single Tama fruit had been harvested.

He was a failure… and Imran had chosen wrong…

But how could that be?

No other Prion in the history of the Church had ever failed their Holy Order.

He had heard tales of Prions who had journeyed to distant lands, dug below mountains, and even married into nobility. They had all succeeded in their difficult tasks.

All he had been asked to do was plant a few seeds and harvest what grew from them…

And he had somehow managed to fail even that simple task.

His friends had been right.

He was nothing more than a stubborn stone.

He belonged in the ground, not on top of it.

As he moved to stand, however, his foot snagged against a vine, sending him flying forwards. He fell, and landed with his face in the Tama mound. Clearing his eyes, he saw that his clumsiness had dislodged a single Tama fruit from the mound.

To his amazement, it was green.

It was still small, but bigger than all of its failed brethren. Taking it into his hands with the utmost care, he held it tight against his chest.

He wasn’t a complete failure after all…

A moment later, he brought out his knife and, with a confident stroke, severed the umbilical. Bringing the healthy fruit to his mouth, he drank from it, tasting the sweet milk within.

It was just as he remembered it to be…


Standing, he looked out over his fields. One fruit out of hundreds. By any measure, it was a dismal beginning.

But it was a beginning.

And he was nothing if not tenacious.

He would show these fields his stubbornness. He would unveil their secrets, and draw forth the treasures that they had hidden so cleverly.

The next harvest would be better.

And the one after that even more so.

Slowly, but surely, he would turn his fledging farm into a place of growth and life.

For how could he expect to reap the harvest without working the fields first?

“My guidance has ended!” he cried out, facing the heavens.

Turning his attention back to his fields, he added, “And my work has begun!”

Read Be Good to find out if Prion Marken ever planted something more valuable than fruit!

The First Draft of The Beggar Knight is Done!


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So yeah, I’m a little bit ahead of schedule, which is never a bad thing (I had originally planned to be finished by the end of the month). From what I’ve observed in the past, the beginning and end of every book flows quite smoothly, while the middle takes a bit longer.

Now, on to the fun part: editing.

First, I will read through the book in its entirety in order to get a general feel of the story and how well it flows. After that, I’ll make a few important edits that I’ve been putting off, before handing it over to my Alpha Readers.

Using their feedback, I will begin the second round of editing. If everything is looking good, then I will move on to the next stage: pre-release formatting.

With any luck, this entire process should be complete in about a month, owing to no major delays or setbacks. If everything goes to plan, then I will hopefully be able to publish The Beggar Knight in March!

Of course, if anything changes, you will be the first to know!

So, stay tuned for more updates and character profiles!

Reminder: My Books are Free!



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For those of you who don’t know this, I just wanted to explain the price model for my published books:

Short Version: They’re Free!

Long Version: They’re Freeeeeee!

But Hayden, I hear you ask, how can you just give away your books for free, despite all of the time and effort it took to make them?

Well, the answer is simple: I know how much of a gamble it is to spend your hard-earned money on an unknown and untested author, so I removed the risk. Now, you don’t have to choose between the latest Brandon Sanderson epic and Be Good, you can have both!

If you like what I’ve written, great!

And if you unfortunately don’t, then at least it didn’t cost you anything.

Of course, I am only able to give away my books because they are not my primary income stream. I am currently working as a Physiotherapist in a private hospital, which earns me enough to pay my bills and keep food on the table.

But who knows what the future holds? If possible, I would like to write full-time, enabling me to bring out better books more often, but in that case, I will most likely have to start charging for my works.

Until then, my books will remain free.

Also, please don’t worry about getting half-way through The Chronicles of New Eden and suddenly hitting a paywall. All of my current series will be free, from start to finish, for the foreseeable future.

With that said, why don’t you give my books a chance, you might just be glad you did!

Holy Order 9743 – Prion Garnick


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Sabotage the Royal Mill during Ashrise

Prion Mentan Garnick stood before the towering Royal Mill, impressed by the craftsmanship on display. Although the building had been constructed almost a hundred years ago, it looked brand new.

A testament, he supposed, to the men in charge of maintaining the important structure.

But today, those men would be put to the test.

“Good morning!” cried a man dressed in the white garments of a labourer. However, his clothes had less dirt and grime than the men around him, marking him as management.

“Good morning! May Priarch bless this day and all those that follow!” Prion Garnick said, moving towards the man.

“May he bless it indeed! My name is Alain, and this is my mill. I was told that a Prion was coming to visit us, but I was not told why…” Alain said, looking nervous, “Are we in some sort of trouble?”

“No, you have committed no sins against Priarch… well, that I am aware of. My purpose today is to inspect the mill and its workers.”

“Ah,” said Alain, as he breathed out a sigh of relief, “But if I may ask, why have you taken it upon yourself to perform such a menial task?”

Prion Garnick took a moment to compose himself. Lying did not come naturally to him, after all.

“Alain, I have spent the last ten years behind the walls of Origin. I have studied the Originarium and learnt every single Parabil, and yet I fear that I have not truly connected with the people that I will now serve. Thus, I arranged to be brought here, so that I might see the hardworking men of Vuria in their natural environment. If you would be so kind as to give me a tour?”

The man immediately relaxed, clearly no longer worried that he might lose his job or worse, spend eternity in the Void.

“Of course, Prion! I take it you would like to start in the dormitory? Most of the workers are having their break, so that is where you will find your ‘hardworking men of Vuria’.”

“Um… ah… no, I wouldn’t want to disturb them on their hard-earned break. How about we start in the mill itself?” Prion Garnick muttered.

Alain looked at him for a second before replying, “As you wish. Please, follow me.”

Together, the two men made their way towards the lofty building.

Hopefully, Prion Garnick would find something inside to break…


Continue reading

Stories, Surgeries and Signs of what’s to come


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Hello there! (General Kenobi)

Yes, I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t been spending all my time lazing about and not writing, I promise.

Instead, I’ve been recovering from surgery (Umbilical Hernia Repair), which has taken a little over two weeks. Thankfully, with all that free time, I was able to make some progress with The Beggar Knight!

As it stands, I have written 10 of the 15 chapters of the first draft. If I stay on track, the final word count should be a little over 60k words (roughly in line with Be Good).

I am very happy with what I have written so far, which will hopefully translate into minimal editing time. Factoring in the read-through, cover design and final mark-up, The Beggar Knight will hopefully be ready for publication in April.

Of course, if this estimate changes, I will update this post.

With regards to Son of Man and The Godhand, I’ve placed them on the back-burner until The Beggar Knight is completed, in order to deliver the best book I am capable of writing.

Finally, I have also been doing some much needed work on my website. I am entirely self-taught when it comes to all of this, including website design, so it is definitely an ongoing project.

If you would like to check it out, head over to

Until next time,

Hayden Pearton