The Godhand Cometh


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Hey guys, girls and lizard people who have secretly infiltrated our society, I have good news!

The first draft of The Godhand is complete!

Yes, I know, I have previously stated that Son of Man is coming first, but plans change.

The new plan is to release The Godhand in all its glory on November 24th, 2019.

Son of Man, meanwhile, will probably be finished early next year.

Once these two books are out, I will start working on The Chronicles of New Eden 3!

The Godhand, for those of you who don’t know, is an alternate history novel set in 1972. It deals with the ramifications of a satellite taking a picture of a massive handprint in north-western Iraq.

Like all of my previous releases, The Godhand will be 100% FREE. No hidden costs, no paygates, no scary men coming to break your kneecaps.

Until the release, I will be periodically providing information about the world and characters, so stay tuned!

Hello Again!


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Hello all! As you can see, reports of my demise at the hands of an enraged hermit crab were mercifully untrue!

I am alive and well, and I’ve been working hard on several upcoming projects.

Son of Man is taking a bit longer than I had planned for due to the nature of its story. It is a very different book from anything I’ve written thus far in terms of setting and tone, so it has taken some time to get it right.

It should be released before the end of the year, with The Godhand following soon after. After that, I will begin working on The Chronicles of New Eden 3 and The Beggar Chronicles 2, due early to mid 2020.

That’s all for now!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there is a very angry hermit crab asking for a rematch…

The Holy Orders of Be Good has been published!


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The companion book to Be Good has been published!

The Holy Orders of Be Good is now available for FREE on Smashwords! It will also be available on Smashwords affiliates (Apple, Barnes & Noble etc) within the next day or two.

The book contains ten short stories that detail the exploits of ten Prions who lived and loved in the thousand years between Prophet Imran’s death and Attacus’ adventure.

Additionally, the book contains a never-before-seen alternate ending to Be Good, focusing on Luceel Voraine embarking on a quest for revenge!

Given the nature of the book, I highly recommend reading Be Good first, so that you don’t spoil anything.

Enjoy, and with this, my guidance too, has ended!

New Book Announcement! The Holy Orders of Be Good!


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Surprise! I’ve decided to publish a new book tomorrow!

Following the release of Be Good, I posted a short story every month for ten months detailing the events of a different Holy Order. Now, I’m planning to bring them all together in ebook format!

Of course, that’s not all! I’m also planning to include a never-before-seen alternate ending to Be Good, focusing on Prion Luceel Voraine embarking on a quest for revenge!

The book will be available only on Smashwords and it’s affiliates (Apple, Barnes and Noble etc) and should be published sometime tomorrow!

Naturally, like all of my other works, it will be 100% FREE!

Xenophobia has been published!


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The third book in The Metrophobia Collection, Xenophobia, is now out!

Xenophobia tells the story of James Morgan, a seemingly ordinary insurance broker who suddenly snaps and murders his wife. After being found not guilty by reason of insanity, he is admitted to Elmswood Mental Facility for the Criminally Insane. Told through thirty never-before-seen poems, witness James’ first year in the institution. He will encounter pyromaniacs, serial killers and deluded Saviours…

But does he actually belong there… or is there something… darker, lurking within his mind?

Read Xenophobia to find out!

As with all of my books, Xenophobia is 100% FREE on Smashwords and its affiliates (Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble etc) and costs $0.99 on Amazon (due to their minimum price point).

Reminder: Xenophobia is coming!


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That’s right, only a few more days to go until my latest book, Xenophobia, is released!

The book will launch on Monday the 24th of June, and will be available through my usual channels!

Xenophobia, like Autophobia, tells a story through 30 never-before-seen poems. This time, the main character is James Morgan, an insurance broker from Seattle who is involuntarily admitted to a mental institution following the murder of his wife.

The book will follow his first year there, as he comes to grips with his situation and discovers that his personal demons might be more than figments of his broken mind…

As with all of my other books, Xenophobia will be free of charge on Smashwords and its affiliates (iBooks, Barnes and Noble etc) and cost $0.99 on Amazon (due to the platform having a fixed minimum price).

So, look forward to learning more about James and his troubles on Monday!

Check out The Beer Loving Poet by V. Beets!


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My friend and fellow South African author, V. Beets, has just published her debut work! It’s a collection of over thirty poems which dwell on issues of love, loss and heartbreak.

I helped V. Beets with the editing and cover design, so please show this fledgeling author some love.

The book is available on Smashwords and via Amazon!

New Book Reveal! – Xenophobia


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Xenophobia is the third book in The Metrophobia Collective, a collection of unusual poetry. Similar to Autophobia, it tells a story utilizing thirty poems which cover a year in the life of a mental asylum patient.

The book has it all: madness, murder and mystical forces!

If everything goes according to plan, it will be published on the 24th of June 2019, so you won’t have to wait long!

Son of Man is still in production, but needs a little more time, so hold tight!

Work has resumed on Son of Man!


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After dedicating all of my time and effort to finishing The Beggar Knight, I am pleased to announce that I have returned to writing Son of Man!

For those of you who don’t know, Son of Man is a prequel book to Awakening and Sunrise Sapling. It tells the story of Isaac Gordon, a police officer and later rebel who faces many trials and tribulations during the worldwide South Wars.

The book was originally conceived as a novella, so it will be substantially shorter than my previously released books (not including my poetry collections).

I will keep you all updated on my progress, and hope to have Son of Man published in June or July. After that, I will go back to writing The Godhand, which should be out before the end of the year.

So stay tuned, and look forward to another fantastic book from yours truly!