Poem: Sleep, My Darling Child


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Life is a dream, but we all have to wake up eventuallly…




I remember when you were born

Already, I was prepared to mourn

The doctor said you’d never last the day

No, she’ll stay a while longer I did say

Seven years later and here you are

My sweet, darling little star

You burned so bright all these years

I knew one day you’d bring me tears

Now as your pulse fades and falls

And I wander alone these hospital halls

I stroke your hair and kiss it light

So proud of you for your brave fight

But now it’s time for you to rest and sleep

While your mother loving begins to weep

The doctors kind have taken your pain

But you have not risen from whence you lain

You toss and turn, fighting for peace

Soon soon, you’ll have your release

So sleep my child, and dream of stars

You, my princess, will always be ours

Sleep tight, my dove, and hurt no more

Soon through heaven’s gates you’ll soar

I thank you, for all the times you smiled

But now you must sleep, my poor, beloved child…


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Mist


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Those we’ve loved and lost never truly leave us. Simply close your eyes, and they’ll be there…




I travel across the land

Formless as the shifting sand

I was a man once, alive and well

Until down a steep cliff I stupidly fell

I was trying to take the perfect pic

But now my family will think I was mentally sick

I move as shadows and breathe as cloud

I can be whisper quiet or very loud

A spirit I am for the rest of time

No hell for me, I committed no crime

So why then do I linger so?

Why indeed do I go to and fro

Perhaps I have a regret or six

That I now need to wander and fix?

Or is this simply the afterlife whole

Nothing to do but remain a soul?

Shall I remain until the end of days

With nothing to do except at memories gaze?

No, I will not forever this form retain

I had a family, a wife and a name!

I will travel this land and fix my sins

Until to my late name there are nothing but wins

I am dead, a spirit, and mist

But that does not mean that I am not missed!


Thanks for listening.

Poem: Simon Says


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Simon says go to school

Or else over no kingdom will you rule

Simon says go to college

Only there shall you receive great knowledge

Simon says find a wife

Or else you will have a sad, pitiful life

Simon says get a job

Otherwise you’ll turn into a deadbeat blob

Simon says follow the law

Or else on prison food you’ll gnaw

Simon says pay your taxes

Otherwise the government will be sharpening their axes

Simon says obey the rules

Only then can you separate the wise from the fools

Simon says do not deviate from the norm

Or else you’ll be kicked out the swarm

Simon says stay the path

Otherwise you’ll face society’s wrath

Simon says do not whine or moan

But… I say… your life is your own


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Best Day


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Good boy…




I raised you from a puppy small

Now up to my hip you are tall

You used to run alongside the horse

With the wind ruffling your hair so coarse

Energy boundless you had in spades

But now I see the light in you fades

Fifteen years you gave to me

Filled with things I had yet to see

From the simple joy of a humble walk

Where you would listen with love as I would blabber and talk

To those rainy days spent at my feet

We would watch the skies as rain turned to sleet

But now it has come time for us to part

Although I know you’ll remain in my heart

So on this day before the vet we go

I will fill it with everything from high to low

We will walk alongside the lake so bright

Although I will have to carry you right

We will dine on the finest of food

I’m sure that will put you in a finer mood

We will go for one last car ride together

Whether it’s sunny all day or terrible weather

And then, as the day draws to a close

I’ll give a great big hug and kiss your nose

The vet will take away your pain

And I will cry tears hidden by the rain

To me it was a while but it was your whole life

You have been with me through good times and strife

So my darling beautiful boy

I’ll be sure to bring along your favourite toy

As I try my best to send you on your way

I will wish that time would stop on your last, best day…


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Loop


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Rinse and repeat.





A day as ordinary as any other

I worked and played and dined with mother


Strange, a sense of déjà vu?

Is this really day two?


No, I am not going mad!

I just keep repeating this day so sad!


Why bother with work or mother’s dinner

Who cares what happens to this poor little sinner


When was the last time I took a shower

From the outside world I have begun to cower


Nothing matters nor even keeps

Everything resets between my sleeps


A month of Monday’s came and went

And yet for a Tuesday I would’ve anything spent


What is the point of staying sane?

Everything I try is surely in vain


I travelled as far as the day would allow

To see the nearby world is my new vow


I have seen the world and done it all

Now into eternal sleep I wish to fall


Not even death has freed me this hell

Please oh please won’t someone break the spell


I’m done with this and done with that

I will accept that my life has fallen flat


Peace is within and chaos without

No more shall I wonder, no more shall I doubt…


I am still not sure how I found the way

But I am simply glad it’s finally Tuesday!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Seventy-Nine


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Aurum Potestas Est

Fowl family motto




Greater than diamond, if I may be bold

Mined deeply out of ground so cold

Over heart and mind its power’s hold

Whether as a chunk or poured in a mould

We have loved it since our people’s old

And it is still number one, we polled

Although some believe platinum better, I’m told

We let them believe it, for we trolled

Why the only thing it’s good for is shining mold

Whereas our product will always be sold

And if we could in it our shoes would be soled

So if past this you have scrolled

You are surely deserving of a mighty scold

Until you cry and wail and fold

While we sit and cheer and lolled

So join us as we down avenue strolled

Shouting out that the best of all is gold!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: New World


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We know less about the ocean floor than the surface of the moon… and even less about the mind of a woman…




The sea bucks, and I go with it

Following the roiling storm in its epileptic fit

I have been at sea for far too long

I no longer crave bread or wine, only song

Yes, that melodious tune holds my ear

And that I should never hear it is my fear

The lookout in his mast so high

Searching the horizon vast with his eye

He will be the one to speak the phrase

The one that we have awaited for many days

I am tired of blue and black

I dream of what we all lack

Sandy beaches and hills I seek

Even a single pebble would make me weak

Go to the new world my lover spoke

To find great treasure for my fairer folk

So that her hand I may take in mine

And finally steal away what’s theirs and thine

So on this wretched journey kept

Over the side if only I’d leapt

But I will stay true and persevere

Until the sight of land is here

From up above I hear the cry

And I pray that he did not tell a lie

On the deck we all dance and cheer

After all it’s been a long year

“Land ho, land ho, land ho!” he said

Soon soon my love, and we’ll be wed!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Heraldic


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Kiss your donkey goodbye.




The end is nigh

Time to say bye

Only I have been forewarned

So listen up, or you’ll be mourned

I have heard the coming of the storm

Very soon chaos will be the norm

So hide your children, hide your wife

And start praying for your very life

Build your bunkers and seal them tight

Otherwise you’ll be wrong and I’ll be right

You’ve seen the signs and yet you’ve ignored

Through my warnings you’ve jeered or snored 

So when Armageddon comes and it’s coming soon

You’ll lament not listening to this poorly “loon”

One more chance I’ll give your souls

Repent now, or be eaten by the moles

So listen up, you pitiful sheeple!

Beware, the coming of the mole-people!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Tumbling Through Darkness


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From Earth below to heavens above, seek out the question unanswerable.

Why Are We Here?




I am a murderer most foul

For I have slain gravity’s cowl

I tumble through the infinite abyss

Wondering if back on Earth they do miss

This tiny chunk of metallic hope

Sent to deliver a message of scope

Adorning my frame are letters and signs

Along with two humans drawn in lines

So that one day an alien might find

The best place in the galaxy to unwind

Directions are marked and pulsars drawn

So they can come straight to our front lawn

But what if no aliens I meet

Well I do have millennia to practice to greet

Is my fate to tumble through darkness eternal?

Or impact a sun blazing infernal?

No, I shall have hope a while longer

It keeps me warm and makes me stronger

Patience is king and I have time aplenty

Whether I must wait one year or twenty

I shall carry this message of peace and man

Until the day I no longer can

So if you spot me tumbling and turning

Worry not, my engine’s still burning


Thank you for listening.