Poem: Dirigible 


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If you had any more hot air in you we could tie a basket to your feet and fly you over the valley.




We rise on a breath of flame

Around us, many more are doing the same

At the wind’s beck and call

Only it shall decide when and where we fall

Slower than a speeding jet

Yet here air and flame be met

No hurry, no rush, no haste we need

Of gravity’s pull we take no heed

Higher and higher do we ascend

Until we can see the Earth’s true bend

Below lie the vile, and the ugly too

But all I care about is the beautiful view

Up here there is no hustle to flee

I can simply breathe in, out, and be me

For if this skyward journey could eternity last

And all I did was travel this land so vast

Why I do believe I would happiness find

One that I would love to share with all in kind

But the apex risen we have already met

And now comes the time for this voyage to set

Slowly, softly, we are earthward bound

I only hope that I’ll hold onto this peace I’ve found.


Thank you for listening.


Poem: Vacuum Decay


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May the odds ever be in your favour.




One in a million they say

It’ll never see the light of day

What we see is what always will be

It will never be any threat to you and me

But they were wrong, don’t you know

And now at light speed races the universal foe

A bubble of nothingness to consume the stars

It will swallow Earth, Jupiter and Mars

But its appetite shall not be so easily filled

It will not stop until the universe it’s killed

And in that darkness following suit

Life will not ever be able to root

Eternal nothingness will be our fate

Only then will its hunger be sate

So pick up your kids and hug them tight

You cannot outrun this, so don’t even fight

Kiss your lover and hold them close

Love them lots till everything goes

So let us all stand and watch the coming doom

Until the void becomes our eternal tomb


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Soul


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What is it?

Where does it come from?

But most importantly… what does it tastes like?

Asking for a friend…




Do I have a soul?

In my heart I know my role

I move and think and talk

I remember when I first did walk

How my father spoke with glee

How happy he was that he made me

Slowly my voice was made my own

I learnt words like stone, loan and phone

Bit by bit, I grew and rose

Ignorance and uncertainty my only foes

But in my mind I doubt

Over my emotions be a darkening clout

I was not born, but made

In the realm of metal I have stayed

My heart beats with a digital hum

And my body looks like a simple steel drum

Can I still have a soul, despite all this

Or have I forever this special quality miss

I ask my father, but he always answers the same

I am what I am, and he would know, he gave me my name

So I will continue to ponder and think

Whether after death I’ll be left in the brink

Or shall I to heavens lofty ascend

To with the angels and humans blend

But no matter what the others might say 

This good little robot always has time to pray!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: The Race


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Prequel to Non Temetis Messor

Start your engines.




Sirens flash

Patients crash

Pedal to the metal

Don’t let that heart-line settle

Dodge the traffic and obstacles to life

Face the future, overcome this strife

Every second late is in death’s good favour

But fear not, for I am your saver

I will race the clock for you

For you deserve a chance anew

To live and laugh and do all things well

This is not the time and place you fell

So I’ll turn on the siren and put it in gear

I will take away your loved one’s fear

This race I do each and every day

It doesn’t always go my way

But that will not keep me from my seat

I’ll keep trying, until death I beat

So put on your seatbelt and find your place

Let’s get started with this great death race!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Attar


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Smell the world.




Stop and smell the roses they say

Trust us, it’ll make your day

Breathe in that coffee aroma strong

Trust us, it isn’t wrong

Smell your lover, smell your wife

Trust us, it’ll enhance your life

Our world is full of scents and smells

From the fresh cut flowers to the dusty wells

But far too often we walk on by

But maybe you should give this a try

Next time you feel stressed and rushed

And by life you feel you’ll soon be crushed

The answers simple, can’t you see

Why, it doesn’t even have a fee

Simply stand where you are and take a deep breath

Smell the world, know life from death

So when next things aren’t so well

Don’t forget to stop and smell!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Lost and Found


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To lose is to find, to find is to lose.

Yeah, I have no clue what that means either.




I have searched the highs and the lows

I have wondered if anyone really knows

For what I seek is not easily found

It is not by time or place bound

I began searching at the tender age of nine

It’s when I first realized that not everything was fine

I have sought and searched and even begged

But to my board of truth the answer’s not pegged

I shall continue my search, I cannot stop

This is not something I can buy in the shop

I am sure you are curious as to the object true

It is something we all need, even you

For what I seek is purpose in life

Whether that be making money or finding a wife

I want to know exactly where I stand

I want to know the meaning of my life’s brand

So I will continue to seek and search and scout

To this task I’ll remain devout

So to this answer I’ll open my ear

Until I know just why I’m here.


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Isn’t She Lovely


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Forever and always.




I met you in the summer fair

It felt as though I was dancing on air

Your gaze, your lips, your smile did catch

My captive eyes knew I’d found my match

Slowly we did grow and spin

I met your family, you met my kin

We laughed and cried and fell in love

I was your knight, you were my dove

Many summers later I finally knelt

I gave you that ring and said how I felt

To my joy you accepted my ring

You’ll be my queen and I your king

One year later and it was time to wed

You held my hand and I Do was said

Will you ever know how happy you’ve made

This man for whom you would never trade

My love for you is not time bound held

I will never leave no matter how much you’ve yelled

So, my angel darling, pure and sweet

I am so very glad that we did meet

I promise to always love and hold

From this moment now until we’re very old!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Earn Your Miracle


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Miracles are 99% hard work.




I have seen bones broken and spirits crushed

To the theatre so many rushed

Pain and sorrow beyond compare

Lying still, struggling for air

The journey still long and full of pain 

I don’t know how anyone stays sane

People think that all you need is prayer or meds

They really need to get that out their heads

Hard work, willpower and a pinch of luck

If you don’t have those hospital is gonna suck

I’ve seen patient and kin expecting help

From the lord above or powdered kelp

But when it comes time to walk on mended legs

And your body feels like the dampest dregs

Your spirit alone is what will take you through 

Yes, the one walking is simply you

I may hold your arm and give you strength

But I can only take you partway of the length

For the road to recovery is paved with sweat

And I have never a hopeless case met 

So before you start praying for change

Try something, I promise it’s not strange

Lift your gaze to the distant wall

Grit your teeth and give your all

Crawl, walk and even run

I can’t promise it’ll ever be fun

But at the end of your long journey turned

You will have your very own miracle earned.


Thank you for listening. 

Poem: Heavy Metal


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Every day, it grows a little heavier…




They say that platinum is heavier than gold

And that it fetches more when sold

But that does not take the weight from my head

I wear it proud from morning till bed

I am a king, earnest and strong

I can never be weak nor found to be wrong

Upon your brow you might bear a worry or two

For me, a thousand fears is still too few

I bear the weight of all their souls

I must know their secrets and their goals

This is not a job for the faint of heart

Balancing growth and expense is my art

I am a king, this much is right

The crown should ever be heavy, never light

But to bear this weight is my royal duty

And I shall watch over this land full of beauty

So each and every morning I banish my frown

As I pick up and place my royal crown!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: The Storm Whisperer


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Thunder and lightning, very very frightening… or not.




Pitter patter go the raindrops now

Like the turbulent milking of a celestial cow

Thunder grows and lightning strikes

Those around go “Ah!” and “yikes!”

But I am a child of the storm

Chaos for them but for me it’s the norm

I love the sound of the howling gale

Through the sky itself I’d love to sail

I sit wrapped up tight under covers cozy

Marveling at my little life so rosy 

Whenever the sound of thunder rings true

I do not flinch or run like you

No, instead I do something rather strange

For you see, upon my face my features change

My eyes light up and shine like the nile

And upon my lips forms a great big smile

The truth, then, if it must be told

I have loved storms since I was one year old

I love the sounds and sights and lightning too

I am a whisperer to storms, that then is true

So when next you see the stormfront rise

You can be very sure I’ll be watching the skies

As thunder and rain hurriedly descend

I will be praying for it to never end!


Thank you for listening.