Poem: Onyx


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No, not the Pokémon.




What is darker than black?

Is there a colour we still lack?

What lies in the deepest hole?

What colour is a sinner’s soul?

Look up at night and tell me what you see

Between the stars there is something that’s free

A void of infinite size and span

You could say of that shade I’m quite the fan

I want to bottle up that darkness and use it to paint

I want to stare and stare until I feel faint

For that deep, deep darkness exists both above and below

It is but light’s one and only foe

Blacker than black and darker than oil

Whether you look above or beneath the soil

Darkness surrounds us in every which way

Darkness comes at the end of each day

So why fear that which you cannot outrun

Do not worry and whimper when you can’t see the sun

Simply close your eyes and it’ll be where you are

Cause the darkness around you is never too far…


Thank you for listening.


Poem: Strain


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Never don’t give up.




Have you ever been pushed to the max?

Have you gone to the opposite end of lax?

To give it your all and have nothing left

To feel the divide between want and can’s cleft

I have given of me more than I had

No energy left to be happy or sad

The tank is empty, the fuel is gone 

I have neither the desire nor the brawn

All I want is to curl up in my bed

I want to sleep so long they’ll think I’m dead

So if you don’t see me for a little while

Know that I am sleeping peacefully with a smile

For the world has taken more than I can give

And if I don’t rest now, I will never live


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Hop


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‘Tis but a scratch.




Two eyes to see the stars

If I squint I can even see Mars

Two ears to hear the good word

Even though lately it’s been spurred

Two hands to clutch the handles

Guess I can throw away half my sandals 

One leg to bear my withered frame

I still can’t believe that car did maim

Why did I drive that night?

Why did I not keep the road in sight

But now I am a cripple see

But I refuse to let this define me

I will not lie in this pity bed for all time

An unwillingness to try will not be my crime

It will be hard and painful to boot

But I have my family for me to root

Months of therapy lie in store

Now I begin this personal war

For misfortune will not keep me down

I will face each day with a smile, not a frown

And I don’t care if to the floor I occasionally drop

I will walk again, even if I have to hop!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Covenant


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One ring to bind us.




I make this vow in metal eternal

Together forever come heaven or hell infernal

Forged in heat and set in stone

It is the most valuable thing I’ll ever own

I carved the letters which make your name

May I love you regardless of fortune and fame

For a love such as this needs no ring

Why, an empty love deserves empty bling

But I still want to give this to you

To show that I want to be one, not two

So if you deign to accept my heart

I will vow to never be apart

Until this gold has long lost its lustre

I will hold you with all the love I can muster

So I ask that this poor sinner you finally complete

And say yes to one who loved you since we did meet

This golden circle has no beginning nor end

And I am proud to give this to my best friend!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Wings


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What’s worse than airline food?





The sky has always called me

Only up there shall I finally be free

To dip and dive and fly all over

From the Tasmanian reef to the White Cliffs of Dover

I want to be an eagle soaring

Cause staying on land is rather boring

And now I sit behind the stick

Hoping that this won’t be too quick

For years I’ve wanted to fly a plane

And now here I am, ready to train

It will be hard and take a while

But I want those silver wings to be my style

Sure, I might have the tiniest fear

That I might forget to check the gear 

But my love shall overcome any such things

I will persevere, until I earn my wings!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Crooked


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Give a man a gun, and he will rob a bank.

Give give a man a bank, and he will rob the world.

However, give a man a hobby, and he will be too busy to do either.




Ma said stay on the straight and narrow

But I’m no peasant, I’m a pharaoh

And how can a king enjoy his reign

If he must stay neatly in his lane

They call me crooked because I don’t belong

Like the gap between us is really that long

What is crooked for you looks fine to me

Maybe there’s something there that you can’t see

I follow my own rules and go my own way

Even if it means a few robberies by the end of the day

Instead of trying to judge and preach

How about you listen to the lesson I would teach

We all have our own ways to make it big

Although yours probably won’t land you in the brig

I’ll take my chances and ride the wave

I’ll leave it to others to scrimp and save

So if by chance you’re a hostage of mine

Don’t fret or panic, it’s gonna be fine

I will stick to the rules of my own special book

And I’ll hear you say, “Man, what a nice crook!”


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Desperado


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Take your shot.




I am the wildest in the West

I am the best of the best

Godhand Joe, my name be known

In the cemetery’s soil I’ve many humans sown

And now I’m about to add another to that score

I’ll cement my name in this country’s lore

So forgive me, Mr Lawman, please

Soon I’ll have you begging on your knees

Across the paces he does stand

Surely this will be a gun duel most grand

My fingers brush my grip

Lingering on the polished tip

In a moment I’ll draw my gun

I will put an end to his fun

Soon now, the starting bell will call

And then one of us will definitely fall

The cost of my fame is a single shot

So for your sacrifice I owe you a lot

Wait, did I remember to tie up my horse

Now is not the time to be led off course

I need to focus and aim well and true

Hang on, maybe six bullets was too few

Should I ask him if I can buy some more

I mean, it’s not too far to the store

Wait, did I hear the starting bell rang?

And did I just hear his gun go… bang?


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Magick


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Abracadabra, Alakazam,

Turn this mutton,

Into ham!




A witch of magic and mischief I am

Hocus pocus and alakazam

My spells are known across the land

Turning water to wine and stone to sand

But on a new venture I now begin

Greater I’ll be, than all my witchery kin

A new spell, one greater than any other

Powerful enough to turn your son into your mother

A drop of this and a pinch of that

Look at that liquid bubble and splat

But I hear you ask, why do I need a spell this grand?

You see, I’ve always felt rather bland

My looks are dull and I’m shy to boot

And I think I’m always covered in soot

But this will change all that and more

Although it might leave me a lil’ sore

I want the confidence to speak my mind

The words that are trapped I want to find

So now that my potion’s boiled and stewed

I’ll have the courage to say, I love you…


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Thalassa


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Care for a swim?




The tide goes in

The tide goes out


We live

We learn

We love

We die


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


Under the waves 

We find peace

Under the waves

We find beauty

Under the waves

We find death


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


Feel the tug of the tide

Feel the pull of the sea

Calling you

Take a step

And then another

Feel the water against your knees

Your chest

Your lips

Don’t struggle

Don’t fight

Don’t fret

Just breathe out

And relax


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


Listen to my siren song

Let it lull you deeper

Close your eyes

Close your mouth

Close your mind


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


Almost there 

Peace is within reach

An end to woe

To suffering

We come from the sea

To the sea we must return


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


No more tears

No more worries

No more strife

The sea gave you life

But not forever

All loans must be repaid

All debts settled

Your time has come

Your credit due

Now sleep

And dream no more


The tide goes in

The tide goes out…


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Mute


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Sometimes a whisper can be louder than a shout…




My voice may have gone away

But I still have something I want to say

I might not make a peep nor a sound

But I have thoughts I want found

People say you poor pitiful thing

You will never again be able to sing

But there is a beauty in silence, can’t you see

And when I’m alone with my thoughts, it’s just me

I speak with my fingers and read with my lips

I don’t need sympathy, nor will I use your scripts

For I myself am a thing of wonder

I am lightning without the following thunder

You speak with your mouth and I with my heart

And yet what I dream is a work of art

I have an opinion, many in fact

Don’t count me out because of what I’ve lacked

Give me your time, attention and gaze

I will speak and sing of my own special ways

I may be mute but I’m not dumb

I can do more than just hum

So look into my eyes and hear my voice

You will never ever have made a better choice


Thank you for listening.