Poem: A Leaf in the Storm


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So which are you, the leaf or the storm?



Stormy weather rocks my boat,

Stormy weather fills my moat,

But I will not yield to the tempest’s might,

I will not go down without a fearsome fight!


My walls are thick, my walls are strong,

I will stay true to this, no, never wrong,

You might try to blow me down,

But in this sea I will never drown!


I am a mighty oak with roots like steel,

From your assault I will never reel,

Your fury and clamor no more than words,

Too weak to ground even the birds!


My core is iron, my skin is rock,

Every damning attempt I will block,

For I am the master of my own fate,

And nothing you do will hamper my gait!


So come then you storm so weak!

You will barely make my branches creak!

After you are gone we’ll know who’s chief,

When the mighty storm bows to the tiny leaf!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Thirty-Four


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Life isn’t fair, but Death is



I have not lived as I directed

I will not die as I expected

My life was short but not sweet

My goals I have not even begun to meet

Regret fills my entire mind

To my fate I wish I was blind

Tears endlessly fill my eyes

And I pray my family will not listen to my cries

I will not see my boy become a man

None of this is according to plan

I will not walk the aisle with my little girl

I will not see her wed, my sweet darling pearl

My wife, my widow I will not see age

At this the most I direct my rage

My friend alone I shall leave

I pretend I see not, tears wiped on his sleeve 

I see their pity and their grief

At this life of mine far too brief

I did not smoke nor drink a drop

Yet that did not slow my life’s sudden stop

This is neither fair nor right

Why was I picked to suffer this blight?

Some say that this is God’s decree

That I should neither wail nor plea

But I say that cruelty is as cruelty be

And very soon He will have to answer to me!


Thank you for listening.

Wedding Poem: Gather in this Place (2/9)


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This is one of the poems I wrote for my wedding. Each table had a poem which was written with the guests in mind.


Lovers unite in joyous song
This night last forever long
Pray for our love to join thine
Let our new love forever shine
Lovers gather in this place
Lovers revel in your grace
For this love binds us true
From the oldest to the very new
Together we shall face time’s test
Together we shall become the best
Let us then gather in this place
And together a perfect love do chase

Thank you for listening.

Wedding Poem: Kindred Spirits (1/9)


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This is one of the poems I wrote for my wedding. Each table had a poem which was written with the guests in mind.


Hands be held near and far
You are all friends without par
Sisters of blood and time
Friends bound by this rhyme
Those from far and wide
To us you have never lied
That now on this day of thine
You have witnessed me and mine
That you stay beside us forever more
And become a part of our love’s lore
This our wish and our prayer
That we remain forever in your care

Thank you for listening.

Something New…


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So, if anyone anywhere was wondering why I haven’t been posting recently, today I have the answer for you.

On the 30th of April 2017, I married the love of my life 🙂

Obviously, right before and after the wedding are extremely busy periods and only now have things started to calm down.

In summation, regular posting will resume post-haste.

P.S I wrote a few poems for the wedding which I think a few of you would like. I will begin posting them as soon as I can.

And, as always, Never Lose Your Stride!

Poem: Saudade


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Don’t let go.


We met in passing 

In a quiet town hall

It was not long lasting

And yet we had a ball


We spent the summer laughing

As hours passed as seconds

In the mall where I was staffing

Winter’s cold was not beckoned


Her father was a rich man

I was poor as dirt

He told me he was sixth Dan

And no more could we flirt


We met in secret nightly 

Our love warmed the car

We knew it wasn’t rightly

We knew it’d leave a scar


And yet as summer died

We did not want to part

He found out that we’d lied

He made me break her heart


Yet still I wonder after

Did I misstep all those years ago?

Will I ever again hold laughter?

Have I lost my one true beau?


Thank you for listening. 

Poem: Tattoo


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This is satire, not sarcasm.



To stand out in this day and age

You need something that doesn’t fade

How about an achievement so grand

That your name is known across the land?

No, that sounds like a’lotta work

So how bout a tat instead?

From your stamp of tramps

To your bleeding angels

And the sacred tribal sign

That will end up on your behind

Because nothings says unique

Like a winged fist across the cheek

Or the foreign letters

That don’t mean squat

To the foreign letters

That probably mean “snot”

Or maybe your lover’s name

Just pray that it always stays the same

So if all these sound great to you

Why not try and get a tattoo

And if after, you think it wasn’t clever

Worry not, it’s only there forever


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Gehenna


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Live wrong and prosper.


You did not repent (1)

So shall you be sent (2)

In hell will you pay rent (3)

Each and every cent (4)

For what you have lent (5)

Eternity shall be spent (6)


Your crime was quite severe (1)

Your sin is brutally clear (2)

Twas not a simple soul-smear (3)

You should for your future fear (4)

At you shall they laugh and jeer (5)

And upon your death will cheer (6)


For you have taken a life (1)

For you have taken a wife (2)

Life with misery so rife (3)

That ended upon your knife (4)

Her voice called out a fife (5)

For this shall you always know strife (6)


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Belliger


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Who are you fighting for?



Raise the shield!

Heft the spear!

Do not yield

Do not fear!


Ready your arms!

Bellow to your brothers!

No matter the harms!

Say goodbye to your mothers!


We march to war!

We march to peace!

Like heroes of yore

We will never cease!


For fame and fear,

To death and glory,

Brandish your spear,

And carve out your story!


To hell with honor,

All lives must end!

All praise be to donar,

For him blood shall we send!


So march ye brothers of steel and sword!

Till death shall we fight!

March for the glory of the horde!

Let all the world know our might!


Thank you for listening.

Poem: Futilitarian 


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I expect nothing and I’m still let down


Reach for the stars

Die beneath the dirt

Reach for the heavens

Crawl upon the earth

Reach for the skies

Wallow amongst the filth

They told me to hope

They told me to strive

To challenge the world

Well I did

I dared to hope

I dared to dream

And what was my prize?




To hope is to live

They said

To hope is to live a lie

I said

They were wrong 

I was not 

You can be an astronaut

If you’re smart

But you’re not

You can be an athlete

If you’re fit

But you’re not

You can be a celebrity

If you’re talented

But you’re not

To hope is to dream

To dream is to deceive

To deceive is to live

Don’t do what you want to do

Do what you can do 

The menial

The boring

The unfulfilling

The soul crushing

Accept your limitations

Stay low to the ground

The skies, the stars and the heavens 

They are not for you

What you are is what you will be

Now and forever

Never forget

Never hope

Never dream

And thus will you find peace

Thank you for listening.