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I wrote this for my cousin’s wedding, and I hope you enjoy it as much as they did!


Forever and always 




Two minds 

One goal

Two lovers

One role

Two hearts

One soul


I take this hand, this heart, this ring

For you eternally, love I will sing

So take my name, my life, my all

As we dance and laugh and have a ball

We have travelled far to reach this place

And we are here by God’s own grace

So I ask all of you here

To please lend us your ear

As we speak and cry and try to dance 

So bear witness to each and every loving glance

This day be ours, but yours as well

For you have come far to hear a wedding bell

Love be true and love divine

Eat a lot and have some wine!

And long after this day you’ll think 

Why, everything went faster than a single blink

But man and girl became husband and wife

And so we’ll stay for all our life

The love and joy we’ve shown this day

Will last long after our hair’s gone grey!


Thank you for listening.