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What were your first words?

What will be your last?





That was the first word I ever spoke

My mother

Who gave me life

And stayed true no matter what 

My father

Who made a boy

But left before he made a man

That was a lifetime ago

And now I face a time of death

My body is withered



My family is the same

My hair is gone

But my mother is not

She stands firm

Like a mighty oak

What will I say to her?

As I die?

I know what my first words were

But as for my last?

I guess I could go with

I have no regrets

But that would be a lie

For I have too many to count

Perhaps, I love you would do

But I feel much deeper than that

Love is too simple a word

Should I tell her not to cry

As I do?


Let her cry away her sadness 

As I do.

So what then?

What am I to say?

The last words I will ever speak

On my very last day?


I know

I shall end as I began

For all that you have given me

All I can really say


“Thank you,

For everything,



Thank you for listening.