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It’s more than a place.




What is a home?

Is is naught but a concrete dome?

A home is four walls but one floor

Throw in a couple of windows and maybe a door

But still that a home will not make

For a home is what you did forsake

When you declared that you loved me no more

And you left our children’s hearts so sore

A home we had filled with joy

But you broke it like an unfavored toy

You grew bored of me, of us

And gave into your treacherous lust

When you had your affair

Did you even stop to care?

That your lies and sins so bad

Would make naught but your family sad

How could you bring a stranger to our marital bed?

And kiss him by the table where our kids you fed!

So I say that it is not a home in which we live

But a mere house is what you did give

Fear not, for all will one day be well

Once this house we can finally sell

And in a new place we’ll make a home so sweet

And perhaps a better lover I’ll finally meet!


Thanks for listening.