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You know you shouldn’t…




Nails are meant to be bitten

Texts are meant to be written

Who can say what happens to our gum

Surely it’s not trapped in there like a steel drum

And so what if I drink from the carton

Should I get a glass like a barbaric spartan?

At least I don’t grind my teeth

Nor do I remove my zits from their oily sheath

Sure I might occasionally leave the toilet seat up

And I have a bad habit of always saying sup

But isn’t that what life’s all about

Knowing that everyone has a bit of behavioral grout

For what are habits but the flavour of life

And what is life without a touch of strife

Whether you try and fix and mend

Or let your habits drive others round the bend

They are yours for better or worse

And only you decide if they’re a pleasure or curse!


Thanks for listening