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Who are you when you are not yourself?




Listen to the sound of my voice

Very soon you won’t have a choice

Watch the pendulum go to and fro

Feel the sleepiness come and go

Listen to the tone I keep

Let your mind fall asleep

You don’t have to worry, don’t even fear

Simply open up your mind and let me steer

Perhaps I shall make you a feathery fowl

But maybe you’d prefer a hooting owl

Or I could help with your cigarette addiction

And remove any and all marital friction

Maybe you have an ache or two

Or want to be a better you

All this and more lies within my reach

Once your innermost sanctum I breach

I will twist and tangle your thoughts and deeds

Into your mental soil I’ll plant the seeds

For hilarity or health or just good fun

Only when I snap my fingers will we be done!


Thank you for listening.