The Hot Tub Club

What in the world is The Hot Tub Club, and why is there a link to it from an author’s website?

The Hot Tub Club is an organization which exists in the PC game Star Citizen (an awesome game currently in development, try it out if you haven’t already) and which was created by yours truly.


As this website attracts readers from all walks of life, I wanted to share with them one of my favourite games and hopefully incite them to both play it and to join my organization.


For those of you who are afraid of commitment, rest assured, membership is very casual and no obligations will be placed upon you if you decide to join. Once the full game is released, I plan to organize Hot Tub parties aboard our member’s ships as a fun way to socialize and connect with your fellow citizens.


While the Hot Tub Club has its own lore and mythos, I want to clarify that everything stated on the website is for the sole purpose of immersion and role playing, and by no means should you take it upon yourself to seek out and wash the Unwashed!

Check out the organization via the link below, learn more about the Club and then, if you want to, take the plunge and become a member!

Additionally, I have written a poem based on the Club’s teachings which you can access below:

Poem: Wash Them Clean

Finally, if you sign up for Star Citizen I recommend using the code STAR-P45B-R2L7 to receive 5000 in-game credits for free!

Stay clean, stay warm, and I hope to see you in the Verse!

Hot tub club canva

The logo.