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I know, this has been a long time coming. I started working on Son of Man in early 2019, and at the time I thought that I could hop between it, The Beggar Knight, and The Godhand. My plan at the time was to work on all three books simultaneously, and thereafter release them one after the other. After a while, I realized that my approach wasn’t working.

So, switching tracks, I decided to focus on a single book at a time. My decision was also partly based on the fact that of the three, The Beggar Knight was the most fun to write, followed by The Godhand. Son of Man, by comparison, was a bit of a pain.

It was the first time I had ever attempted to write a prequel. This alone was fairly daunting, as I struggled to adapt themes from the Chronicles of New Eden and fit them into a shorter format with a heavier focus on war and loss.

Son of Man is also the darkest book I have ever written, featuring multiple deaths, depressing scenes and my first truly unhappy ending.

This was difficult for me to get used to, hence the long delays as I found other projects to occupy my time. But finally, after months of hard work, Son of Man is finally approaching completion.

The first draft is now complete, which means that editing, formatting and cover design is next. Once those items have been checked off, I will release Son of Man to the world.

As a prequel, Son of Man is best enjoyed after reading both Awakening and Sunrise Sapling, but it is not absolutely necessary in order to enjoy the story.

Just like every other book I’ve written, Son of Man will be completely free to obtain when it is released.

Stay tuned for more info…