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After many months of hard work, Be Good, my first standalone novel, has finally been released!

The book is available via Amazon and Smashwords (and all of its affiliated distributors, including Apple and Kobo)!

[If you don’t find it on the Smashwords affiliates, check back in a day or two. Sometimes there is a delay with the publishing/distribution]

The book tells the story of Attacus Lore, a Prion of the Church of the Priarch who is told to Kill the King, who unfortunately turns out to be his brother! Will he succeed, or will he defy a thousand years of religious teachings? Read Be Good to find out!

The book will be available for FREE on Smashwords and it’s affiliates, but will cost $0.99 on Amazon. This is due to Amazon having a minimum cost setting. Therefore, if you just want to read the story, go to Smashwords. If instead you wish to support me as an author, head over to Amazon.

If you enjoy the book, please leave me a favorable review at your online retailer of choice. Every star counts, and I’ll really appreciate any positive feedback!

If you didn’t enjoy the book, please email me at newedenchronicles@yahoo.com with any feedback or advice on how I can improve and deliver greater content to you in the future.

Thank you for all of your support so far, and I can’t wait to share my next work with you!

And remember, you must Kill the King!