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$uccess is addictive.




I remember back when I was ten

To my name I had not a dollar, franc or yen

My father was a strict man

Of pocket money he wasn’t a fan

He said, make it on your own

For that, I’ll give a small loan

So I went and bought wood, lemons and glue

I didn’t know if I got too many or too few

My first batch was far too sweet

The expectations of my customers I did not meet

I mixed and poured and tried again 

Until I found the recipe ye ken

Eventually I found a mix of sweet and tasty

I had not rushed, nor was I hasty

I worked all summer and winter too

I would stand for hours, forgoing the loo

I made myself a couple of bucks

And discovered that poverty sucks

Since then I have worked harder than ever 

My business motto is never say never

And now that I possess a company grand

I must give thanks to that humble lemonade stand!


Thank you for listening.