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Those who can, should. Those who can’t, should try anyway.




Why do I even try?

I could do it until the day I die

But no results will I obtain

No matter how much I strain

My blood and sweat by gallons shed

But through them no crown will adorn my head

I tried to persevere against the odds

But now I see it’s me against the gods

For no success will ever be mine

Whether I go alone or wait in line

So what then is the point of trying

Saying it builds character is simply lying

Why then do I pick myself up?

Why couldn’t I just be a lazy pup?

There is a core of iron in this fleshy frame

I didn’t ask to play on the hardest settings this game

But my daddy told me hard work pays off 

And at those words I could never scoff

Sure it might take me a while

And on more than once it’s left me tasting bile

But I will continue to fail as much as needed

Not once for an easier life have I pleaded

So I’ll fail and fail and fail some more

I will wail and cry and even roar

But not ever shall I give up the chase

So I’ll try and try until I win this race!


Thank you for listening.