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Life is a dream, but we all have to wake up eventuallly…




I remember when you were born

Already, I was prepared to mourn

The doctor said you’d never last the day

No, she’ll stay a while longer I did say

Seven years later and here you are

My sweet, darling little star

You burned so bright all these years

I knew one day you’d bring me tears

Now as your pulse fades and falls

And I wander alone these hospital halls

I stroke your hair and kiss it light

So proud of you for your brave fight

But now it’s time for you to rest and sleep

While your mother loving begins to weep

The doctors kind have taken your pain

But you have not risen from whence you lain

You toss and turn, fighting for peace

Soon soon, you’ll have your release

So sleep my child, and dream of stars

You, my princess, will always be ours

Sleep tight, my dove, and hurt no more

Soon through heaven’s gates you’ll soar

I thank you, for all the times you smiled

But now you must sleep, my poor, beloved child…


Thank you for listening.