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Those we’ve loved and lost never truly leave us. Simply close your eyes, and they’ll be there…




I travel across the land

Formless as the shifting sand

I was a man once, alive and well

Until down a steep cliff I stupidly fell

I was trying to take the perfect pic

But now my family will think I was mentally sick

I move as shadows and breathe as cloud

I can be whisper quiet or very loud

A spirit I am for the rest of time

No hell for me, I committed no crime

So why then do I linger so?

Why indeed do I go to and fro

Perhaps I have a regret or six

That I now need to wander and fix?

Or is this simply the afterlife whole

Nothing to do but remain a soul?

Shall I remain until the end of days

With nothing to do except at memories gaze?

No, I will not forever this form retain

I had a family, a wife and a name!

I will travel this land and fix my sins

Until to my late name there are nothing but wins

I am dead, a spirit, and mist

But that does not mean that I am not missed!


Thanks for listening.