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Good boy…




I raised you from a puppy small

Now up to my hip you are tall

You used to run alongside the horse

With the wind ruffling your hair so coarse

Energy boundless you had in spades

But now I see the light in you fades

Fifteen years you gave to me

Filled with things I had yet to see

From the simple joy of a humble walk

Where you would listen with love as I would blabber and talk

To those rainy days spent at my feet

We would watch the skies as rain turned to sleet

But now it has come time for us to part

Although I know you’ll remain in my heart

So on this day before the vet we go

I will fill it with everything from high to low

We will walk alongside the lake so bright

Although I will have to carry you right

We will dine on the finest of food

I’m sure that will put you in a finer mood

We will go for one last car ride together

Whether it’s sunny all day or terrible weather

And then, as the day draws to a close

I’ll give a great big hug and kiss your nose

The vet will take away your pain

And I will cry tears hidden by the rain

To me it was a while but it was your whole life

You have been with me through good times and strife

So my darling beautiful boy

I’ll be sure to bring along your favourite toy

As I try my best to send you on your way

I will wish that time would stop on your last, best day…


Thank you for listening.