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Aurum Potestas Est

Fowl family motto




Greater than diamond, if I may be bold

Mined deeply out of ground so cold

Over heart and mind its power’s hold

Whether as a chunk or poured in a mould

We have loved it since our people’s old

And it is still number one, we polled

Although some believe platinum better, I’m told

We let them believe it, for we trolled

Why the only thing it’s good for is shining mold

Whereas our product will always be sold

And if we could in it our shoes would be soled

So if past this you have scrolled

You are surely deserving of a mighty scold

Until you cry and wail and fold

While we sit and cheer and lolled

So join us as we down avenue strolled

Shouting out that the best of all is gold!


Thank you for listening.