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We know less about the ocean floor than the surface of the moon… and even less about the mind of a woman…




The sea bucks, and I go with it

Following the roiling storm in its epileptic fit

I have been at sea for far too long

I no longer crave bread or wine, only song

Yes, that melodious tune holds my ear

And that I should never hear it is my fear

The lookout in his mast so high

Searching the horizon vast with his eye

He will be the one to speak the phrase

The one that we have awaited for many days

I am tired of blue and black

I dream of what we all lack

Sandy beaches and hills I seek

Even a single pebble would make me weak

Go to the new world my lover spoke

To find great treasure for my fairer folk

So that her hand I may take in mine

And finally steal away what’s theirs and thine

So on this wretched journey kept

Over the side if only I’d leapt

But I will stay true and persevere

Until the sight of land is here

From up above I hear the cry

And I pray that he did not tell a lie

On the deck we all dance and cheer

After all it’s been a long year

“Land ho, land ho, land ho!” he said

Soon soon my love, and we’ll be wed!


Thank you for listening.