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From Earth below to heavens above, seek out the question unanswerable.

Why Are We Here?




I am a murderer most foul

For I have slain gravity’s cowl

I tumble through the infinite abyss

Wondering if back on Earth they do miss

This tiny chunk of metallic hope

Sent to deliver a message of scope

Adorning my frame are letters and signs

Along with two humans drawn in lines

So that one day an alien might find

The best place in the galaxy to unwind

Directions are marked and pulsars drawn

So they can come straight to our front lawn

But what if no aliens I meet

Well I do have millennia to practice to greet

Is my fate to tumble through darkness eternal?

Or impact a sun blazing infernal?

No, I shall have hope a while longer

It keeps me warm and makes me stronger

Patience is king and I have time aplenty

Whether I must wait one year or twenty

I shall carry this message of peace and man

Until the day I no longer can

So if you spot me tumbling and turning

Worry not, my engine’s still burning


Thank you for listening.