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If we can just dodge the ground, we’ll be fine.

-Fighter, 8-Bit Theatre




Always true and always right

The sun above is warm and bright

I regret now using up my luck

Why couldn’t I have been born instead as a duck

The world from here is wide and vast

And I wish that this fall would forever last

But the land is coming closer now

And I’m sure I’ll land with quite the pow

Oh why couldn’t I have stayed on ground so firm

There I’m sure I would have had a life term

But no, into the sky I went

Not stopping for angel’s wings be leant

And now I fall, towards the earth

Perhaps this was my fate since birth

If I land in an open grave

On funeral fees I’ll save

No, not today I die!

Yes, on this day I’ll fly!

I reach back and grab the cord

Saying a silent prayer to the holy lord

I yank and pull on my lifeline two

Wondering why we pack parachutes so few

The first a failure mightily was

Dropping me from the sky with nary a pause

Please oh please let this one work

Let it not share its failed brethren’s quirk

A catch and a drag, the chute comes out

Stopping my fall and removing my doubt

Still I fall, but now much slower 

Definitely not to Heaven a goer

So while I patiently wait for the ground to come

I’ll think of life and sing and hum!


Thank you for listening.