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Please, live enough for the both of us…




For four and twenty years my beat was strong

But now everything has simply gone wrong

I am a heart, it’s all I’ll ever be

My job: to follow the brain’s decree

But now no orders from above I hear

So not much is going on inside the ear

I have not thumped nor moved too quick

Ever since my master became very sick

Strange, I feel myself growing still

Is the sickness going for the kill?

Light pours into my entombed lair

Who dares enter without a single care

Long white fingers descend and grab

And with a scalpel they cut and stab

They lift me from my bony home

Up and through that skin stretched dome

This means death for he below

But long since his mind did slow

Gently taken and gently kept

From body to body I have leapt

Hands of care and hands of life

Deftly wielding the sharpest knife

Into a body new I’m placed

No time to lose, I work with haste

I beat and pump and push the blood

Helping and healing my brand new bud

He and I a lifetime will keep

While my old host holds the eternal sleep

My job is not done, my orders renewed 

With death anew I renew my feud

I, this second chance will not waste

For in this body strong I’ve found myself based

And to this person every joy I shall grant

So I thank you doc for this body transplant!


Thank you for listening.