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As someone who has never taken drugs, can somebody explain what it’s like?





Life is bad but drugs are good

Even though I know I should

Quitting seems like a waste of time

Like heating up this spoon while I write this rhyme

But the pain won’t any other way go

And I won’t stop till in hell there’s snow

This is my joy and my curse

And will one day shove me in a hearse

But I need it now and I need it fast

The high never does seem to last

I know I should have stayed in school

Now I feel like quite the fool

And I probably should have listened to dad

If he saw me now he’d be quite mad

I’m sorry I stole money from your safe

From the path of righteousness I did strafe

But soon all that will be lost in a haze

And I will spend the afternoon in a daze

To mute the pain and silence the guilt

I will jam this needle right up to the hilt

A brief euphoria is what I seek

My desire is strong, my will is weak

So mom and dad I hope you forgive

This worthless child who chose not to live

I’m sorry if I cause you to cry

When you find out how I did die


Thank you for listening.