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Love always finds a way.




—————–ROSES ARE RED—————–

You left your scarf on my bed

Perfume lingers in my home

Whereforth do you roam?

I met you in a clubber’s bar

After searching near and far

We partied the night away

And slow danced with many a sway

You said you wanted something more

I said be careful I sometimes snore

But you laughed and came along with me

And showed me a side that no others could see

—————–THE VIOLET’S BLUE—————–

Sitting on the table overlooking the view

I eat a breakfast all alone

I don’t even know if you own a phone

Did you feel a connection as I did

Or could you not wait to be rid

Of a lover by chance you did meet

And in his heart you took a seat

I wonder if you know my name

Or that like the others I am not the same

Was I nothing more than a simple toy

Used for little more than momentary joy

—————–SUGAR IS SWEET—————–

That’s what I felt when we did meet

I believed I had found my soulmate

But maybe I was a few years too late

Tonight I will wander the place we met

For I know that we two belong in a set

I have hope in my heart and faith in my soul

Until I find you this world I’ll stroll

I shan’t be lonely nor shed a tear

Even if it takes all year

For this world is lovely, good and true

—————–AND, SO ARE YOU—————–


Thank you for listening.