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Pull the trigger.




I lie in the darkness

Marveling at my simple starkness

My body is steel and lead

My purpose is to bring some red

I am a tool or war

My role: into enemies bore

But I am not just a thing

Even though I fly without a wing

My master picks me up and slots me in

I am squashed against more of my kin

He raises the weapon and aims it true

Will I reduce the population by one or two?

Or will I take the life of a pondering doe?

Perhaps I’ll accidentally take off my master’s toe?

He fires, and I feel my brethren shake

What chaos into the world did he make

Again and again the gunshot rings out

Soon it’ll be me in that cold metallic snout

I am risen by the spring of war tender

Know now that I’m no world-ender

I desire neither blood nor gore

And would be happy to be used no more

But I am a thing to be used

And I am a thing to be abused

When will it end?

To heaven will I someone send?

I feel the building sternward flame

I’m just like my brothers, all the same

Impact, I hurtle into the air

Oh how I wish I was a signal flare

Let no one be in my way I pray

Know that in this murder I had no say

Alas, I have struck true and firm

I didn’t even feel my victim squirm

And through I go, to the other side

I guess the poor soul wasn’t very wide 

But this is odd, this is strange

I don’t feel like I at all did change

“Nice shot!” I hear, loud and clear

Hmmm, that sounded rather near

“That hit the centre spot!” he calls again

Perhaps indeed I have not slain?

Yes, that’s it, I do believe!

On this day I’ll cause none to grieve

At first I thought this all too strange

But now I know I’m in a shooting range!


Thank you for listening.