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Memento Mori.




I watched with pride when the armies marched

I watched with fear when the bombs were dropped

I watched with despair when my son’s box came home

But now I watch no more

No one does

We stand silent

As the world ends

We stand afraid

As the world ends

We stand together

As the world ends 

I used to watch the finches fly

Now the skies are empty

I used to watch the salmon jumping

Now the streams are empty

I used to watch my little boy play

Now the streets are empty

I remember the horizon

Blue and white

I watch the horizon

Red and black

I remember the people

Happy and free

I watch the people

Dead and free

I remember my son

Sweet and kind

I watch my son

Decomposing and gone

So I welcome this end 

No, I welcome The End

For this is it

Our last hurrah

Our curtain call

Our victory lap

We did it

We killed them all

Including us

But I worry not

But I fear not

But I cry not

For soon we’ll be gone

And I’ll finally be home


Thank you for listening.