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We pass by so many people we will never see again. All of them have lives, families and dreams. And yet we will never know them. They are less than strangers. They are ghosts, passing us by in the night.




We met one early summer’s morn

The radiant sun had yet to be born

I was traveling across the country wide

Simply put, to get to the other side

No job nor family nor lover true

Just me and the open road’s sweet view

I was all alone till your lights found me

Racing in the darkness I’ve never felt so free

Side by side we drove for miles

Surely we both bore matching smiles

I know not your face, your love, your laugh

The things I know of you are not even half

Do you dream of writing a song or rhyme?

Are you sitting in an office for all your time?

Do you have a partner to whom you are racing home?

Are you wild and free and love to roam?

I know not this nor that nor the other

I don’t even know if you still have your mother

You are simply a companion silent 

Are you a calm man or rather violent?

We two beings of slight accord

You in a Prius, me in a Ford

But now a green sign in the night appears

And to our tangential relationship I say cheers

I flick my indicator and prepare to leave

Knowing that I must undo fate’s tight weave

Will you miss me I wonder, as you speed on by

You don’t even know my name, nor have you caught my eye

But I thank you nonetheless, my spiritual kin

And know that I will miss you, my temporary twin…


Thank you for listening.