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Time is a river, one that ends in a waterfall.




Tedium comes and tedium goes

The clock and the heart forever foes

My peers the envy of statues keep

No running, no moving, only sleep

We rise and wash and eat a little

And rest and sit for we’re so brittle

Like living dead the old folk shuffled

Whispering of ages past we’re soon muffled

As candles bright fade to embers

And the human race loses more members

I walk this quiet and empty hall

Wondering when death will finally call

For to live as the dead is not to live at all

And all we think of is how not to fall

So when next you visit a parent so old

Remember they need warmth, not cold

Love them for the time they have left

Until time commits the greatest theft

After we are gone not much will change

The grass will grow on, nothing strange

But time is equal and time is fair

And one day soon you’ll too have grey hair!


Thank you for listening.