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Either make your choice, or let life make it for you.




Any lady can see that love is a choice

Meany is what I’ve been called in his voice

My knee I bent for you, he says

Moe is my husband, for all my days

Catch sight of another, is what I did

A strapping lad, barely more than a kid

Tiger is what I call him, for prey he has

By the third date we were cuddling to jazz

The heart wavers, young love or old

Toe the line or dare to be bold?

If I chose my tiger cub, will fun be mine?

He does look like a model for Calvin Klein

Hollers and shouts like a kid in a zoo

Let that be a lesson for anyone who wants two

Him and her, though, bound for life

Go away or stay, I’m still his wife

Any way you put it, my heart is his

Meany is what he does call his Ms

My knee did shake and shiver true

Moe it will always be me and you


Thank you for listening.