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We are all beasts inside, some of us just hide it a bit better…




Wise men say that madness is in the mind

Oh if only I was in such a bind

For my madness is of the literal kind

As in time you’ll surely find


My nemesis sits nightly in the sky

And now you are surely wondering why

Are you thinking I’ve told a lie

But soon you’ll know, for that night is nigh


Yes, when the heavens complete their arc

And the beast of the soul bears its mark

I run hurriedly to the nearest park

As my human word becomes a wolfish bark


This curse of mine many years I’ve kept

So many times I’ve cried and wept

As I went night after night I had not slept

And the full moon closer crept


But now it is time again to prowl

And creep around under night’s great cowl

This curse which I was given so foul

Will cause me to let out a great big howl


So hide your children, hide your meat

For this werewolf is coming down your street

If you don’t flee I’ll have a treat

As under the moonlight I need to eat!


Thank you for listening.