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Come closer. That’s it. Now a little more. 

Just. One. More. Step.

And you’ll be free…




My freedom lies below

My future above

I gaze into the abyss

This content of wills I cannot win

My legs tremble at the thought

My heart aches at the deed

My mind screams at the fall

One small step

And then a very long one

It would last the rest of my life

But only for a moment

In my mind I am already falling

Do I truly desire death so

Or merely the possibility?

Am I a sadist for the obscene

Or a realist for the escape

No more job

No more family

No more anything

No more… me

A fair trade?

I think not

So no

Away I step

From the edge

From the abyss

From the end


Towards land

Towards safety

Towards life

On this day the void beckoned

The abyss called

Death whispered

And I said



Thank you for listening.