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Non-existence -> existence -> non-existence


World without end


In my first life I was a tiny snail

It ended when I was hit by a nail

Next I was a fish in the sea

All around were hundreds of me

This time again I died

When I was caught, salted and fried

A cat of nine lives came next in line

I used them all up in a life so fine

Joy and wonder filled my life log

As I bounded and played as a loving dog

Eventually my body could no longer run

But by then I’d had more than enough fun

And now finally I lie in a body brand new

What will it bring, I’ll know in a few

A life of tears or smiles aplenty

Will I live to one or even twenty?

But no matter what I am to be

I am glad that life has chosen me

For a million chances to get things right

And a million experiences for my sight

So this cycle of life and death and more

Will always be great, and never a bore

So bring it on, new life of mine

No matter what comes, I’ll be just fine!

Thank you for listening.