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What is the price of freedom? Are you willing to pay for it, no matter the cost?


I am bound


Chained to this place

The lock which ensnares me cannot be broken

The rope which hangs me cannot be cut

The chain which constricts me cannot be shorn

I was a free man, once

Stupidly so

I will be a free man, again

Rightfully so

Confined no more

Bound no more

Sore sore sore

I will be free

I will be liberated

I will be exonerated

For how long have I labored

For how long have I wept

For how long have I served

No more!


Free free as free as can be

That is what I want for me

No more walls

No more duties

No more job

No more wife

No more!


The wild beckons me

Nature calls me

Freedom summons me

I will cast off this life

This human skin

I will roam free

As I once did

No words

No worries

No worldly things

Just me

And the great wild 

A human child

Once more

Thank you for listening.