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What will be the last thing you’ll ever hear?


More and more, with each passing day

I hear less and less of what you say

Those sweet and tender words of love

The gentle cooing of the garden dove

Even the laughter of our grandchild so sweet

Growing older is neither nice nor neat

My hearing crackles and dims and fades

Not helped one bit by my hearing aids

Your voice is never more than a whisper

Once so clear, now that of a lisper

But a world of silence awaits me now

From this world of noise I’ll take a bow

But fret not, oh love of mine

Together surely, we’ll do just fine

For your voice and laugh and cadence true

Will never be a divider between me and you

I do not love you for a word or phrase

But for how you have held me all of my days

So although a world of silence now beckons me close

I know you’ll be with me when my hearing goes

Thank you for listening.