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I wrote this in celebration of joining Patreon.

Think of it what you will.


All that glitters is not gold

If you will allow me to be so bold

A dollar is simply a sign of faith

But I am no penny-pinching wraith

For cash is naught but coins and slips

Not meant for buying toys or trips

Instead you should buy what cannot be bought

And seek out what cannot be sought

For a buck will buy you naught but woe

Unless you rid yourself of your greedy foe

So truly come and truly see

What all of this means to me

Your donation is a drop of light

Giving me the strength to continue my fight

So that a better world I can create

All I ask is that you patiently wait

I promise I will not waste this gift of coin

And I hope that on this journey you’ll join

For together I believe we’ll do wondrous things

And together I believe we’ll be literature’s kings!

Thank you for listening.

If you want to make my dreams come true (and why wouldn’t you 😉 ), you can become my patron at https://www.patreon.com/haydenpearton