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We are all slaves to our instincts




My mouth salivates at the thought

On this day vengeance be wrought

For weeks I have stalked my prey

Waiting patiently for this very day

I have followed the tracks and heeded the sign

And very soon your flesh will be mine

I ready my blade, polished and sharp

It has brought me plenty of kale and carp

And now upon flesh so tender

I will let my blade a deathly render

You cannot run, you cannot hide

I am already at your side

Quick like fire I drive my blade true

Know that on this day your life I slew

Through the lifestem my blade cuts quick

How I have waited for this meal to pick

The time was ripe, your meat so sweet

Killing you was truly a mighty feat

To the gods whose bounty they grant

I thank you humbly for this eggplant!


Thank you for listening.