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Start your engines…




Love is like a car, simple and sweet

It carries us instead of our feet

Over hill and mountain it keeps us grounded

Over heartbreak and sorrow it keeps us bounded

Whether we drive a quick and speedy lambo

Barreling through relationships like Rambo 

Or a slow and tender van

Waiting for just the right man

Our cars will keep us safe and keep us true

Until we are delivered unto our beau

And sure it might not be an easy ride

Without gps or map to guide

And our engine might suffer a ding or two

They are worth it if we are to be with you

So we’ll fill up with plenty of love

And slip on our racing glove

Towards the finish line we race

At its end we’ll see your face

Because beyond there is a most marvelous view

And the car of love has room for two!


Thank you for listening.