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I have the body of a god…Buddha




They say that your body is a temple

Mine is its own religion

I worship my core

And they worship me

My pecs are a canvas upon which I paint

A masterpiece of muscle and meat

It would make Van Gogh faint

And all the critics bleat

My guns are a mighty 50 cal

Shooting down weakness as well

My gluts could hold up mountains

And turn glaciers into fountains 

And all the bros doth say

That my body is so ripped

It tore the whole way

But for all my gains and growth

There is but one muscle that sloweth

My chest which bears a maiden heart

More beautiful than my pectoral work of art

Whenever I present my body so swole

The ladies say take a stroll

They say I’m too large or dumb

It hurts much more than any DOMS

I’ve tried yoga and squats and more

Until their words won’t leave me sore

I will work and work until I’m buff

Emotional strength tough enough

Until then I will max my reps

Until they know of my hidden depths

Soon I’ll have them forming a queue

And I will finally have that protein shake for two!


Thank you for listening.