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By the inventive Dr Gregory Musson

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



When all but seems lost, 

And truth finally reveals the cost,

Fire leaps across the tortured earth. 

Of the land bled dry in the greedy’s path.

The guilty, devoid of conscience, shed false tears.

As the cleansing fire licks in painful sears.


Still those with demons hidden.

Pretended they do not do the Devils bidding. 

Yet deeds betrayed their awful lust. 

Eroding a whole nation’s trust.

Lost in their own desiccated plot.

Reduced to ashes to be their lot.


Fire, the will of the newly freed, 

Now sees blind faith as always betrayed. 

Choices needed, perhaps hard of heart.

Yet truth should cleanse our minds of doubt.

We are the captains of our country’s soul.

Not the deluded few with only selfish goal.

Thank you for listening.