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No one lives forever, so don’t try and count every moment. Instead try and make every moment count.



It all started with a cough

And a feeling of something being off

Next came the shortness of breath

I began to wonder about death

No, I said, ’tis only a bug

All I need is a well fashioned drug

So I took my pills and bade my rest

Swaddled in a soft and down-filled nest

But as the days turned to weeks

And the colour drained from my rosy cheeks

I began to fear that this was it

So smoking immediately I did quit

But the doctor said it wasn’t enough

And that things were about to become very rough

Stage four he said, with eyes of gloom

I don’t even recall how I left his room

That was four and forty days ago

From all the chemo I practically glow

My children beside my bed do weep

As they wait for my eternal sleep

I have made my peace and done my will

Of life I have had more than my fill

My darling wife before me did go

Off to heaven went my darling beau

So now I too take a new step

For which I have had a lifetime to prep

Although my fear is still at my side

I shall not let it hamper my stride

Life has given me tears and joy

From my darling love to my little boy

A life well lived is what they’ll say

As over my casket they solemnly pray

So now it is time for me to leave

They will need their time to grieve

Towards the light I now ascend

I know my wife awaits at the end

So bring it on, this death of mine!

And thank God I lived to ninety-nine!


Thank you for listening.