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If you want a happily ever after, make it yourself.



Let down your hair

Like you don’t have a care

The world will not a prince send

No matter how much you beg or bend 

If you want a knight so cool

You must break each and every rule

Make the first move of many 

Wade through a jerk or twenty

For atop that tower no one shall go

So long as you remain your own greatest foe

The stereotypical damsel in distress

We really should put to rest

If all you do is sit and bemoan

You shall remain forever alone

While it may be quite a chore

It is better than your inevitable bed sore

That no prince should freely come

If you continue to act all dumb

So show the world you can pass the test

And show the world that you’re better than the rest

Go forth and pick up your blade

Secure your hair in its braid

Ride out, not on pony but steed

From that false dogma be freed

That princesses can be brave and smart

And valiant enough to steal your heart


Thank you for listening.