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Please… look at me…

I remember when you used to hold me

When you used to touch me

When you used to love me

I remember when he gave me to you

You were beyond happy

Beyond excited

Beyond emotions

You loved me

You cared for me

You were my home and my rock

You would take me for walks daily

You would run alongside me

My tiny legs struggling to keep up

But now I am a bother

A nuisance

A pet

No more do we walk

No more do we run

No more, no more

I am no longer cute, you said

I am no longer small, you said

I am no longer fun, you said

And yet you never asked me

What I wanted

What I needed

You tore me from my mother

You took me from my home

I never asked for this

I never wanted this

I only wanted a slice of your love

A sliver of your home

A piece of your heart

But even that is too much for you

So now I sit

Growing older

So now I stay

Growing weaker

So now I lie

Growing lighter

All I ask

All I plead

All I want

Is that you look at me

Is that you smile at me

Is that you wave at me

I will not ask for more

I will not hope for more

I will not dream for more

One last time

Call me to you

Before I am gone

Show that you understand

Show that you know

Show that you care

For I Am Here…

Until I Am Here No More…

Thank you for listening.