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You are beautiful, no matter what they say.

-Christina Aguilera


Eyes of flame, eyes of light

Eyes which seek out every fight

Skin like stone, cobbled and cracked

This monster I have chased and tracked

He lumbers through the concrete jungle now

To kill him is my only vow

When people stare and people scream

Blood and gore become the theme

He towers over men and more

He hunkers down so close to the floor

A hideous beast that knows no love

Not even from the kindest dove

How dare he show his face so gruesome

He will always be alone, never a twosome

I hate and hate and hate him so

We will never be friends, always we’ll row

He should not ever the light of day see

He should know that he was not meant to be

So when at last I do confront him

I promise I will tear him limb from limb

But know that even now he draws nearer

Staring at me from the other side of the mirror

Thank you for listening.