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So which are you, the leaf or the storm?



Stormy weather rocks my boat,

Stormy weather fills my moat,

But I will not yield to the tempest’s might,

I will not go down without a fearsome fight!


My walls are thick, my walls are strong,

I will stay true to this, no, never wrong,

You might try to blow me down,

But in this sea I will never drown!


I am a mighty oak with roots like steel,

From your assault I will never reel,

Your fury and clamor no more than words,

Too weak to ground even the birds!


My core is iron, my skin is rock,

Every damning attempt I will block,

For I am the master of my own fate,

And nothing you do will hamper my gait!


So come then you storm so weak!

You will barely make my branches creak!

After you are gone we’ll know who’s chief,

When the mighty storm bows to the tiny leaf!


Thank you for listening.