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Life isn’t fair, but Death is



I have not lived as I directed

I will not die as I expected

My life was short but not sweet

My goals I have not even begun to meet

Regret fills my entire mind

To my fate I wish I was blind

Tears endlessly fill my eyes

And I pray my family will not listen to my cries

I will not see my boy become a man

None of this is according to plan

I will not walk the aisle with my little girl

I will not see her wed, my sweet darling pearl

My wife, my widow I will not see age

At this the most I direct my rage

My friend alone I shall leave

I pretend I see not, tears wiped on his sleeve 

I see their pity and their grief

At this life of mine far too brief

I did not smoke nor drink a drop

Yet that did not slow my life’s sudden stop

This is neither fair nor right

Why was I picked to suffer this blight?

Some say that this is God’s decree

That I should neither wail nor plea

But I say that cruelty is as cruelty be

And very soon He will have to answer to me!


Thank you for listening.