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I expect nothing and I’m still let down


Reach for the stars

Die beneath the dirt

Reach for the heavens

Crawl upon the earth

Reach for the skies

Wallow amongst the filth

They told me to hope

They told me to strive

To challenge the world

Well I did

I dared to hope

I dared to dream

And what was my prize?




To hope is to live

They said

To hope is to live a lie

I said

They were wrong 

I was not 

You can be an astronaut

If you’re smart

But you’re not

You can be an athlete

If you’re fit

But you’re not

You can be a celebrity

If you’re talented

But you’re not

To hope is to dream

To dream is to deceive

To deceive is to live

Don’t do what you want to do

Do what you can do 

The menial

The boring

The unfulfilling

The soul crushing

Accept your limitations

Stay low to the ground

The skies, the stars and the heavens 

They are not for you

What you are is what you will be

Now and forever

Never forget

Never hope

Never dream

And thus will you find peace

Thank you for listening.