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Behold the faces of evil wrought

Behold the eyes of evil sought

Watch and listen for the crime

Soon stolen will be the dime

Oh that most heinous of offenses

For which he spews all manner of defenses

That crime of passion and hate sublime

That crime he commits all the time

A stolen heart to be his prize

Not caring whether she laughs or cries

Truly a rapscallion foul and fetid

To steal a thing so preciously netted

Not with force or locks be broken

But with words so kind and sweetly spoken

Slyly he does creep into that sacred space

Slowly he does steal away thy grace

And as she is left all flustered and fluffed

He pops out his chest very proud and puffed

For a heart eternal can never be taken

But a body can, when through a break in

And as love and lingering affection

Dwindle down and left in abjection

So does that rogue finally depart

He leaves naught but a stolen heart

Thank you for listening.