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Why are we here?

Who knows?

The real question is… why do we remain?



Give thanks to life unyielding

Give thanks to lives unliving

Give thanks to angels sleeping

Give thanks to mother’s shielding


Life comes

Life goes

Life flourishes

Life grows


Carry on ye tiny seed

Til thy day of tortuous birth

For that day that you first shall breathe

For that day when you shall lead


A life of downs

A life of ups

A life of laughter

A life of frowns


Glory be to the mother

For she holds you close

Glory be to the father

For he will love you like no other


An ode we sing to life yet started

A medley to herald the coming child

A harmony of life and love

Given freely from those loving-hearted


So let us wait for the miracle born

A life unknown, a life unlived

A life unyielding to misery or fear

So let us wait for the coming morn


Come now, tiny heart we’ve kept

Patiently waiting for all this time

Patiently as we wrote this rhyme

Patiently, as joyous tears were wept


So come now, sweet child of mine

What awaits is a life yet lived

But never shall I let you suffer

Together true, we’ll do just fine


Thank you for listening.