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This is an ode to all the brave men and women working in critical care facilities across the world.



Alarm bells ring

Listen as the monitors sing

Red flash

Vitals crash

Call the code blue

Seconds left, far too few

Hear the pounding boots

Through the doors he shoots

The harbinger of life has come

To do battle with life’s still drum

Feel the force of his blows

Watch as lifeblood torrents flows

Breath of life

Given to end the strife

Thirty then two

I will save you!

Don’t let the lifeline drop

Don’t let that fighting heart stop

Grab the paddles for the shock

On death’s door we shall not knock

Charging come the cavalry called

To wrestle with the heart now stalled

Clear the way, clear the seat

Make way for the returning beat

Brandish your hope and dig a lot deeper

Yell out loud that you don’t fear the reaper!


Thank you for listening.