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To the rock, the river lies still. To the leaf, it is a tempest.


Upon this liquid road I totter

As I drift across the water

Pondering the way to go

Currents pulling at me to and fro


Shall I follow my heart and change my way?

Shall I follow my mind and keep to the sway?

Shall I follow my friends as they drift by?

Shall I follow my father until I die?


I swirl and dance between the rocks

Eddies catch and release my locks

Life plays with my hopes and dreams

Just the same as the salmon and breams


Towards the distant ocean I swim

Flowing toward the land’s own rim

From the mountain towers swept

These feeble thoughts are all that’s kept


But what if this is all for naught?

Where is the life I so have sought?

To let my destiny flow along so meek,

Is this truly the path I seek?


These waters of time and life be damned

I will make my own way to land

For if I can but break free from this

A new path I would not but miss


So long all ye who do not fight

Let the waters of life steal your might

I will make my way my own

I will make my name be heard and known


So farewell to thee, ye waters of fate

Upon this shore I will clear my slate

And so to mine destiny I bid farewell

No more upon that river shall I dwell


Thank you for listening.